American Idol Contestant Disqualified News Cuts

American Idol news reveals that contestant Chris Golightly was disqualified from the FOX TV show. The singer was under contract before joining the talent series.

American Idol producers couldn’t offer any reason why the contestant was disqualified. Chris Golightly seemed to be doing good on the Fox television show but was cut unexpectedly. Ryan Seacrest didn’t have any comment.

Chris Golightly, 24, is the curly haired talented singer from Los Angeles. He told viewers on Idol that he was bounced around from more than 25 foster homes as a child. In fact, the country was pulling for the hopeful finalist until last night. He was absent.

Golightly was chosen as one of the top two dozen performers during the Wednesday night show. However, he mysteriously was absent from the usual show-ending. He was replaced by 20-year-old Texan Tim Urban.

Anonymous sources have come forward, but we don’t usually like to quote these sources, even if it sounds right. However, each source seems to have the same story and the credentials to back them up. So, we decided to give their explanation a whirl.

“He lied about a contract, and lie to cover it up, he wasted the producer’s time.” One anonymous source said. “He let everyone down including his fans.”

Chris Golightly Was Under Contract

Apparently, according to these sources, Golightly was cut from the talent show after producers learned that he didn’t disclose information about current or prior deals. It is possible that he already had a label deal in the works. If he did, then the producers would find out about it.

American Idol is about providing a label deal for a singer. If someone auditions and already has one, it makes no sense to have them on the show. Golightly used to be under contract with a boy band.

However, the contract was set to expire in July 2009. It was the same month he auditioned for the talent series. He told producers that he was not currently under any contract.

If this story is true, which does seem to be backed by legitimate sources, then it would make sense for American Idol to disqualify him. Rules are rules, and if one doesn’t comply, they can’t participate. It just seems odd.

Chris Golightly sold his car and paid off the lease on his apartment before joining Idol. He used the money for his trip to Hollywood. That’s when the label stepped in.

American Idol Producers Asked For Contract Release Forms

The music label told FOX that his talent was their talent. To make matters worse for Golightly, he was unable to produce any contract release papers indicating that the contract had expired. That’s all he needed to stay on American Idol.

The aspiring singer was then asked to leave the show. It happened quickly. He was cut only a few hours before the last show.

It now makes sense why FOX, the judges, and Ryan Seacrest can’t make any comment. There could be a pending lawsuit. If anyone on the American Idol talent show says anything about why the contestant was disqualified, it could be used in court.