Google Unlocks G1 Android Mobile Phone

Google is offering its G1 Android phone unlocked for $399 plus a $25 fee. The mobile phone option is designed to let developers test new applications

Google Inc has announced a new unlocked G1 phone without having to sign a T-Mobile contract. The purpose of the unlocked version is to let Google Android developers test new applications. The Android Dev Phone 1 is priced at $399 plus a $25 fee to register as an Android developer.

The new unlocked phone, dubbed Android Dev Phone 1, is a SIM-unlocked and hardware-unlocked G1 phone. The mobile phone has a rugged feel that has a dark steel gray case design with a pattern. The G1 unlocked phone is available in the United States and 17 countries worldwide.

Android developers can only get one G1 phone per account as Google has placed limitations on stock.

T-Mobile first debuted the G1 phone on September 23, 2008. While the current G1 by T-Mobile is not unlocked, the price is still significantly lower at only $179.

Moreover, the G1 is popular and is becoming one of the fastest growing mobile phones in the market. Google is expected to announce sales of over one million G1 phones by February 2009.

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