Jolie Voight Venice News Reveals Family Reunion In Italy

Latest Angelina Jolie news unveils that she was seen with her, Jon Voight, near Venice’s Grand Canal in Italy.

Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight, have reunited in Venice. The father and daughter were seen in Italy as Angelina prepares to shoot her next film, “The Tourist,” with Johnny Depp. Brad Pitt was also photographed with Jon and Anglina.

Jolie, 34, was seen walking with her father in several tourist locations in Italy. They haven’t been seen together for seven years. In 2001, her father appeared on television and pleaded for his daughter to seek professional help for Jolie’s “serious mental problems.”

Voight, 70, recently stated that he’s in touch with his daughter regularly. They’ve been trying to mend their broken relationship since 2007. In fact, Jon was the first relative to squash rumors that Angelina and Brad were breaking up last January.

“Nonsense,” Jon said in a statement. “It’s all made-up stuff.” As for reconciling with his daughter after a multi-year estrangement, %u201CWe’re in touch, but not regularly,%u201D he said. %u201CWe love each other and that’s the most important thing.%u201D

Brad Pitt and their six children joined Jolie and her dad for some sight-seeing in Venice. The whole family took a trip down Venice’s Grand Canal on Sunday. It was the first time in seven years that father and daughter has taken their reconciliation publicly.

Angelina’s Father

Jon Voight came to prominence at the end of the 1960s with a performance in the 1969 movie Midnight Cowboy. The film earned him his first Academy Award nomination. Throughout the following decades, he built his reputation with an array of challenging roles, appearing in such landmark films as Deliverance (1972), and Coming Home (1978), for which he received an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Heportrayed President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 2001’s action/war film, Pearl Harbor, reportedly beating out Gene Hackman for the role. Furthermore, that year, he appeared as Lord Croft, father of the title character of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Based on the popular video game, the digital adventuress was played on the big screen by his own real-life daughter, Angelina Jolie.

In 2008, he played Jonas Hodges, in the seventh season of the hit Fox drama “24.” He plays the CEO of a fictitious Arms industry called Starkwood, which has loose resemblances to Blackwater USA and ThyssenKrupp. Voight made his first appearance in the two-hour prequel episode “24: Redemption” on November 23.

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