Best Anime Schoolgirl Characters Of All Time – Top 20 Most Popular

Best Anime Schoolgirl Characters Of All Time - Top 20 Most Popular

Recently, a new anime concept has gained momentum among spectators worldwide. We’ve seen pink haired anime characters, including the strongest, most popular, and many others. But there is one type of character that everyone enjoys watching because they are engaging and cute.

This time, our anime experts put together a list of the best anime schoolgirl characters of all time. These characters are both endearing and entertaining to watch. Many spectators compiled a list of their favorites and sent it to the researchers.

And now we have the complete list just for you. We’ve also mentioned the anime in which they’ve popped up in case you want to check them out. Let’s get the rundown started.

The rundown contains not one but a total of twenty anime schoolgirl characters. The sequence of the characters is dependent on the spectators, and we know there are more characters to bring up, but we only had the opportunity to select a handful of them.

1. Shouko Nishimiya – A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice anime is about a grade school student with impaired hearing who moves to another school after being brutally bullied. Years later, one of her bullies decides to make atonement.

Shouko Nishimiya, the main character, is one of the best anime schoolgirl characters. She is a fairly laidback person who can quickly pardon numerous people, including Shōya, her childhood bully.

However, Shouko in a schoolgirl dress looks absolutely stunning, and the entire story is engaging for the audience too though.

Anime Schoolgirl - Shouko Nishimiya

2. Sakurajima Mai – Bunny Girl Senpai

Bunny Girl Senpai is about a series of enigmas that liven up an outcast’s lonely high school life as he befriends a few girls to assist them in dealing with a little-known teenage syndrome that appears to break the rules of truth itself.

The anime’s main female lead is Sakurajima Mai who plays an anime schoolgirl character. She is solemn, intelligent, strong-willed, and courteous. In addition, she is a compassionate and great individual with a strong sense of fairness.

Anime Schoolgirl - Sakurajima Mai

3. Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda, a 16-year-old high school student, takes matters into her own hands after a family tragedy rolls her life upside-down. Sadly for her, she chooses to build her new home on private land owned by the enigmatic Souma dynasty, and it isn’t long before the owners reveal her mystery.

Tohru is another anime schoolgirl character who made our list due to her lovely personality. She is the main character, and she is known for her cheerful positivity, altruism, and compassion for others. Takaya designed her with an unexpected worldview to maintain her empathy.

Anime Schoolgirl - Tohru Honda

4. Yukinoshita Yukino – Oregairu

The anime follows Hachiman Hikigaya, a pessimistic, closed-minded, and realistic teen who is compelled by his professor to enlist the school’s service club and collaborate with two girls who are dealing with personal matters.

They offer guidance and assistance to individuals while dealing with internal disputes. Yukino is the anime’s deuteragonist. She is proud, talented, and extremely intelligent.

Anime Schoolgirl - Yukinoshita Yukino

She once said, “People who don’t work hard don’t have the right to be envious of the people with talent. People fail because they don’t understand the hard work necessary to be successful.”

5. Hitagi Senjougahara – Monogatari Series

Hitagi is the protagonist of the Monogatari Series. She is a popular anime schoolgirl character, which designates her for our lineup of schoolgirls. Along with her different personality, Hitagi is recognized for threatening others with massive volumes of stationery, especially staplers.

Throughout the narrative, Hitagi’s charisma softens, a transition alluded to as her rehabilitation, as she gradually matures into a more steady and well-adjusted individual.

Anime Schoolgirl - Hitagi Senjougahara

6. Kaguya Shinomiya – Kaguya Sama Love Is War

The anime Kaguya Sama Love Is War is about two geniuses devising elaborate schemes to get the other to confess their fondness first, because love is a war to them, and the first to confess their feelings tends to lose.

The anime’s main character is Kaguya. She is well-known for her elegance, intelligence, and fortune, as her family owns one of Japan’s largest business conglomerates. She is undeniably lovely and adorable.

Anime Schoolgirl - Kaguya Shinomiya

7. Mi-Ra Yu – The God Of High School

The anime Kaguya Sama Love Is War is about two geniuses devising elaborate schemes to get the other to confess their fondness first, because love is a war to them, and the first to confess their feelings tends to lose.

The anime’s main character is Kaguya. She is a well-known anime schoolgirl character because of her elegance, intelligence, and fortune, as her family owns one of Japan’s largest business conglomerates. She is undeniably lovely, adorable and one of the best anime character.

Anime Schoolgirl - Mi-ra Yu

8. Rinko Yamato – My Love Story!!

Takeo Gda is a tall and muscular high school anime schoolgirl character who has a hard time with women because every girl he likes ends up falling for his best friend, Makoto Sunakawa, who is charming and good-looking.

Rinko is the main character in the anime. Yamato is a kind & sweet girl. In addition, she is understanding and supportive. She’s also sociable because she has many friends who back her relationship.

Anime Schoolgirl - Rinko Yamato

9. Aisaka Taiga – Toradora!

Ryuji, ferocious in looks but soft at heart, tends to form an unlikely alliance with Taiga, a tiny girl with a quick wit and a difficult mindset, in the anime Toradora.

They collaborate to assist each other confess their feelings to their crushes. Taiga is the anime’s main female character. Her personality at the beginning of the series earns her the moniker Palmtop Tiger.

Anime Schoolgirl - Aisaka Taiga

She is incredibly athletic and strong for her size. That makes her one of the most popular anime schoolgirls.

10. Hiyori Iki – Noragami

Hiyori Iki is altered into a half-phantom after rescuing the god Yato’s existence in the anime Noragami. She is the anime’s main schoolgirl character.

Hiyori is a sweet girl who will go above and beyond her way to assist an individual in need. She also has a powerful sense of right and wrong as shown several times in the anime.

Anime Schoolgirl - Hiroyi Iki

11. Kaori Miyazono – Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April is about a piano prodigy who managed to lose his ability to perform due to a traumatic incident in his childhood and is compelled back into the spotlight by a bizarre girl who has her own mystery.

Kaori Miyazono is the anime’s main female protagonist. Premised on her personality, she is an extremely competent and skilled violinist renowned for her free-spirited, extemporized method of playing.

Anime Schoolgirl - Kaori Miyazono

She was seen everywhere she proceeded with her lovely pink bag and violin. She is also one of the most popular anime schoolgirls due to her personality and role in the anime.

12. Ochaco Uraraka – My Hero Academia

Ochaco Uraraka is the main anime schoolgirl character in the anime My Hero Academia. In the anime, Ochaco wears the female student uniform, which consists of a grey dress jacket.

Other teenagers have defined Ochaco as the most laid-back girl in her class, describing her as giggly and, at times, an airhead. She is also a warm, vibrant person who opinions everything favorably.

Anime Schoolgirl - Ochako Uraraka

13. Mitsuha Miyamizu – Your Name

Your Name is one of the best anime we have seen. When two teenagers explore they are switching bodies, they form a deep and magical bond. When the boy and girl make a decision to meet face to face, situations become even more complex.

The anime’s main character is Mitsuha Miyamizu. Mitsuha is frequently seen in her school uniform, and her endearing personality makes her one of the best anime schoolgirls.

Anime Schoolgirl - Mitsuha Miyamizu

14. Karen Tendou – Gamers!

Gamers! is a story about a group of students who share a common interest. Amano Keita is our solitary protagonist who enjoys playing video games and is friends with Uehara Tasuku, who is a fellow gamer and thinks his life is idyllic.

Karen is regarded as the most attractive anime schoolgirl at Otobuki High School by her peers. Karen is the animes deuteragonist. She is the epitome of schoolgirl characters.

She is a bright student who works hard in school and achieves high grades as a result. She is regarded as an idol because of her elegance and natural charisma.

Anime Schoolgirl - Karen Tendou

15. Himeko Inaba – Kokoro Connect

The plot of Kokoro Connect tends to revolve around Taichi, Iori, Himeko, Yoshifumi, and Yui and their confrontations in the Cultural Research Club. Himeko is a central character in Kokoro Connect.

Despite her calm and rational demeanor, Inaba struggles with tricky situations and dislikes when stuff gets out of her hands. She says, “Don’t forget that kindness can hurt people too.”

Anime Schoolgirl - Himeko Inaba

16. Ai Hayasaka – Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Another anime schoolgirl character from Kaguya Sama Love Is War made our list of the best and most popular schoolgirls. Ai Hayasaka is a lovely, young, and delightful girl. When caring for the Shinomiya residence, she dresses in maid attire.

She wears a modified high school uniform as a student at Shuchi’in Academy. Ai can quickly switch between different characters to accommodate specific circumstances and scenarios.

Anime Schoolgirl - Ai Hayasaka

17. Haruka Minami – Minami-Ke

A slice-of-life comedy about the Minami family’s day-to-day life, the show centers around the daily lives of three sisters named Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki as they get into different kinds of shenanigans with their friends and peers.

The title makes it clear that Haruka is the anime’s main character. She is the eldest Minami sister and a popular anime schoolgirl. She is the heart of the household and has cared for her younger sisters for many ages. That’s pretty considerate of her.

Anime Schoolgirl - Haruka Minami

18. Yui Hirasawa – K-On

K-On is about five high school girls who meet through the Light Music Club and become mates. Yui plays lead guitar, Tsumugi plays keyboards, Mio plays bass, Azusa plays rhythm guitar, and Ritsu plays drums.

K-ON is the story of five aspiring artists and their high school voyage together. Yui is one of the five main anime schoolgirl characters in the story. She is the band’s flamboyant lead guitarist and vocalist. She’s fearless and a lot of fun all of the time.

Anime Schoolgirl - Yui Hirasawa

19. Chihaya Ayase – Chihayafuru

Chihaya Ayase, a high school student, is motivated by an innovative classmate to compete in Hyakunin Isshu karuta. Chihaya is the anime’s protagonist and one of the best anime schoolgirls.

She is extremely attractive and is usually seen in her school uniform, which suits her. Chihaya is a beautiful girl who is also outgoing and ambitious.

Anime Schoolgirl - Chihaya Ayase

20. Shizuku Mizutani – My Little Monster

Shizuku, an asocial girl, forms an unlikely friendship with Haru, an emotionally unstable boy, in My Little Monster. They soon fall in love and learn how to establish and keep human relationships. Shizuku is the anime’s main schoolgirl character.

Shizuku believes that grades and studying are the only things that deserve her focus. She’s also pretty attractive in addition to being motivated.

Anime Schoolgirl - Shizuku Mizutani

What are your thoughts on these characters? You’re welcome to drop more suggestions or your rundown of the best anime schoolgirl characters in the comment section below. And don’t forget to stay tuned with us for more engaging content like this.

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