20 Best Black Girl Cartoon Characters That Are A Must Watch!

20 Best Black Girl Cartoon Characters That Are A Must Watch!

We’ve addressed numerous amazing and powerful figures. This time, we have an entertaining collection of characters who have made their mark in history, these characters are known for their incredible personalities and abilities.

Now let’s talk about who the best black girl cartoon character of all time is. If you’ve been looking for these cartoon characters of color, we’ve even listed the shows in which they’ve appeared to make it easier for you.

Their influence on the show and animation has been incredible, and it’s certainly worth watching.

20 Noteworthy Black Girl Cartoon Characters Of All Time

We have compiled a rundown of not one but a total of twenty beautiful black girl cartoon characters that are everyone’s favorite. Let’s get this started.

1. Monique – Kim Possible

Monique is one of the best black girl cartoon characters of all time and Kim Possible’s best female friend. Monique is well-liked because of her wonderful personality and ability to be a great friend. We don’t always have good friends like Monique.

She is exceptional among Kim’s friends in that she is the one with whom Kim usually chooses to talk about her social and personal problems. In addition, it has been illustrated that Monique’s primary skill was her significant fashion design potential. The design of Monique’s character has improved throughout the seasons.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Monique

2. Penny Proud – The Proud Family

If you liked watching The Proud Family, you must have fancied Penny Proud, the cartoon’s main character. Penny is a fantastic black girl cartoon character in the show. To begin with, she is a talented singer, as evidenced by her selection as a solo performer for Wizard Kelly Productions.

Penny is also an A+ student. She is a member of both the football team and the newspaper personnel. Her skin tone has darkened since Season 2.

Penny enjoys spending time with her friends, despite the fact that they have frequently gotten her into difficulties and left her to face adversity on her own.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Penny Proud

3. Susie Carmichael – Rugrats

Susie Carmichael is a Rugrats supporting character and Angelica’s best friend. She is an African-American girl who lives across the street from the Pickles’ residence. Susie is one of the best black girl cartoon characters for a number of reasons.

She is portrayed as a bright, pretty sweet, kind, friendly, compassionate, trusting, fun-loving, athletic little girl, and she is one of the few African-American characters on the show.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Susie Carmichael

4. Tiana – The Princess And The Frog

Tiana holds a special place in the hearts of several spectators. She plays a key role in The Princess and the Frog. Tiana aspires to open her own restaurant. She works tirelessly to make her dream a reality.

In an unexpected turn of events, she kisses a frog and embarks on a journey through the New Orleans bayou. Tiana created history as the Disney Princess franchise’s first African-American princess. She is a strong woman who does not require the assistance of others.

She desires to complete tasks for herself, and she is quite intelligent and self-sufficient. That definitely makes her one of the best black girl cartoon characters.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Tiana

5. Valerie Gray – Danny Phantom

Valerie Gray is an anti-heroine in Danny Phantom. Valerie, a famous, superficial girl, has her life turned upside down when accidents are caused by a ghost dog charging her dad his employment.

Valerie’s impatience often skips her judgment, but she gradually realizes there is a globe beyond the surface. Valerie, who was no longer living an ordinary life, pledged vengeance on all ghosts for destroying her life after being given a ghost-hunting suit and gears by Vlad Masters. She is quite committed to her objectives.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Valerie Gray

6. Trixie Carter – American Dragon: Jake Long

Trixie Carter is one of Jake Long’s best friends and one of only four non-magical humans who knows he is the American Dragon. She has a sassy, lively, and tomboyish personality. Trixie enjoys assisting in the protection of the magical society.

She is also a trustworthy and loyal friend. Trixie is an African-American teenager with many talents in the cartoon.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Trixie Carter

7. Jodie Landon – Daria

Jodie Landon is a recurring character in Daria. She is the Landon family’s daughter, the daughter of Andrew and Michele Landon, and one of the best black girl cartoon characters. Jodie is an intelligent lovely girl with a promising future.

Despite her public figure, she is solitary and attempts to maintain a relationship with outsiders. Another thing spectators like about her is that she is mature for her age, a good communicator, and an amazing advice giver.

She’s an African-American teenager and one of Daria’s new school’s few black students.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Jodie Landon

8. Miranda Killgallen – As Told By Ginger

Miranda Killgallen is the main antagonist of As Told by Ginger and Courtney Gripling’s best friend. Her overwhelming meanness will ensure that no one else fills that role. She became less cruel as the series progressed.

However, her distinct personality impelled her to the top of the list of best black girl cartoon characters. She is fiercely committed to Courtney.

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Black Girl Cartoon Character - Miranda Killgallen

9. Libby Folfax – The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Libby Folfax is one of the main characters in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. She plays a character who is African American. She is Cindy Vortex’s best friend in addition to Sheen Estevez’s romantic interest, which appeared to begin in the second season.

She also possesses a voice capable of shattering glass and sending dogs fleeing for cover.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Libby Folfax

10. Numbuh 5 – Codename: Kids Next Door

Abigail Lincoln, also known as Numbuh 5, is the Codename: Kids Next Door’s deuteragonist. She works in Sector V as an African American Kids Next Door Operative.

Numbuh 5 is still an intimidating adversary, but she is also far more skilled in battle than the latter, frequently defeating her opponents with wonderful ingenuity.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Numbuh 5

11. Alex Casoy – Totally Spies

Alex Casoy is the main character in the cartoon Totally Spies. She’s a cross between a tomboy and a girly girl: she’s the team’s most athletic and fitness-conscious spy. Another trait of Alex is that she is always concerned with keeping her friends happy.

In the series, Alex is still widely regarded as a beautiful female of color. Her personality distinguishes her as one of the best black girl cartoon characters of all time.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Alex Casoy

12. Elisa Maza – Gargoyles

In Gargoyles, the main human character is Elisa Maza. She is an NYPD detective who is a reliable ally and an important member of the titular gargoyles’ Manhattan Clan in the series.

In the series, Elisa was half-African American and half-Native American. She is big and strong, athletic, and quick-witted, and she can grasp her own against almost any opponent, though she is frequently impulsive.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Elisa Maza

13. Gaia – Captain Planet

Gaia, the planet’s spirit, gathers a diverse group of planeteers who can incorporate their power and authority to summon an elemental warrior who requires the appearance of the superhero Captain Planet.

Gaia, also known as Mother Nature or Mother Earth, is a black girl cartoon character and a female Spirit of Earth who is in charge of maintaining the planet’s tranquility, harmony, and existence. Gaia is a sweet, mature woman with a good heart.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Gaia

14. Keesha Franklin – The Magic School Bus

Keesha Franklin is a prominent student in the Frizzle class. She is the class’s more level-headed and reasonable student, always eager to learn the facts about a subject. She has also demonstrated a high level of aspirations.

Keesha is an African-American girl with tanned skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes in The Magic School Bus.

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Black Girl Cartoon Character - Keesha Franklin

15. Maxine Gibson – Batman

Max Gibson is Terry McGinnis’ friend, and later, as the second Batman, a priceless alliance. Max climbed to become one of Hamilton Hill High School’s brightest students. She’s actually quite intelligent, which is remarkable.

Max acquires genius-level intelligence, in addition to significant computer hacking and investigation abilities, along with street smarts. She’s also fearless and a formidable fighter making her one of the amazing black girl cartoon characters.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Maxine Gibson

16. Michiko Malandro – All Worlds Alliance

Michiko Malandro is one of the Michiko & Hatchin series’ two titular main protagonists. A convicted felon who escaped from prison in seeks of Hatchin. Michiko is not to be underestimated; she is a gun-toting woman who escaped from jail and destroyed a helicopter with only a gun.

Michiko is a highly skilled fighter who can easily dispatch a team of armed officers without using a weapon. Michiko’s character tends to revolve around the series and continues to expand on a journey, as her name suggests.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Michiko Malandro

17. Bumblebee – Teen Titans

Bumblebee is a former H.I.V.E. Academy student and the Titans East’s founding member and leader. Bumblebee is a confident, skilled character who is one of the cartoon’s central protagonists. Bumblebee is a beautiful black leading lady who is always wearing red lipstick and looking gorgeous.

She can be bossy with her teammates, but she genuinely cares about them, and she is attentive, gentle, and fairly open-minded. And that makes her one of the best black girl cartoon characters.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Bumblebee

18. Foxxy Love – Drawn Together

The Foxxy Five, or The Foxxy 5, is an all-girl band. Foxxy Love is a member of this band. In the cartoon Drawn Together, she plays the tambourine and sings lead vocals.

Foxxy Love is a main character who is described as a mystery-solving musician with a sweet ass. She’s a mysterious yet amazing personality and is well-liked by the audience.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Foxxy Love

19. Storm – X-Men: The Animated Series

Storm is a superhero and one of the most noteworthy black girl cartoon characters. X-Men: The Animated Series was her first appearance. Storm is a mutant and an X-Men member. She is originally from Africa. She would also be the Morlocks’ leader for a long period of time.

Her abilities allow her to influence wind, rain, lightning, hurricanes, ice, and heat. Though she is undoubtedly strong, her personality recognizes her.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Storm

Storm is a responsible member of the X-Men and an inspirational leader. She is always looking for the best way out of any situation.

20. Iridessa – Tinker Bell

She’s a total sweetheart. Iridessa is one of Tinker Bell’s main black girl cartoon characters. She is a marvelous fairy who is the first to express her dissatisfaction with Tinker Bell’s refusal to accept her task as a tinker. Iridessa is a Light Fairy who always sees the best in people.

She enjoys command and adhering to the guidelines. She is friendly and welcoming, making all new pixies feel comfortable. She is unrivaled as a fairy and is extremely confident in her abilities. In the animation, Iridessa is said to have an African appearance.

Black Girl Cartoon Character - Iridessa

We know there are more amazing black girl cartoon characters noteworthy. But we had the opportunity to choose a handful of them.

Well no worries, you can mention them in the comment section below. And don’t forget to stay tuned with us for more engaging content like this.

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