Top 20 Best Naruto Characters Of All Time Ranked – Must See!

Top 20 Best Naruto Characters Of All Time Ranked - Must See!

Naruto is a timeless classic with some of the most influential characters ever created in the anime universe. The fact that some iconic names still resonate within the community years after the series concluded shows how unique and special Naruto is to an entire generation of fans.

Listing the top 20 naruto characters hasn’t been an easy task. Honestly, I find it disrespectful to rate my favorite characters in the series. That’s how much I love and respect the show.

The goal of this list is to discuss the names, personalities, and achievements of iconic characters in the Naruto series. I am not comparing them based on who is the best but on their impact on the show regarding achievements and connections to other naruto characters.

As always, not everyone may agree with this list of the top 20 naruto characters, and that’s alright. However, if you decide to go through it, you might find my reasoning more rational than most others in the community. So, let’s get started.

Top 20 Best Naruto Characters That We Love!

As usual, our team went through multiple sources to come up with this list, and one such list was ranker. We also added some characters to the list that should not be missed based on our personal opinion. Naruto was a significant part of my childhood and influenced me through my formative years. It holds a special place in my heart, and this list is a testament to that fact.

1) Madara (Most Charismatic Villain)

Top Naruto character Madara

Naruto hosts all sorts of villains, but Madara, by far, is the fiercest of them all. He became so powerful that even Masashi Kishimoto had to deus ex machina him out of the plot.

The only shinobi that would butt heads with him was Hashirama Senju. The man orchestrated his rebirth, and his indomitable nature makes him one of the best Naruto characters, if not in the entire anime universe. When he was reanimated, Madara stared down the entire Nina army without breaking a sweat.

2) Itachi Uchiha (Silent Guardian)

Top Naruto character Itachi Uchiha

Not only was Iachi a prodigy, but he joined the Anbu forces at the ripe age of 11. When the rest of the children were playing tag, Itachi was out assassinating high-profile threats. He also killed off his entire clan to stop a civil war from breaking out to protect his brother.

He was always two steps ahead and the only individual that Madara feared. Even during the time he spent in the Akatsuki, he was actually a double agent, looking out for his beloved brother and Leaf Village.

His love for his family and to what extent he will go to protect his loved ones make him one of the best naruto characters of all time.

3) Jiraiya (Legendary Mentor)

Top Naruto character Jiraiya

We all wished we had a master like Jiriaya who could guide us through life. Once Kakashi had reached his limit with Naruto, Jiraiya stepped in and taught Naruto everything he needed to become a powerful shinobi. This includes the Rasengan and the Summoning Jutsu.

Jiriaya also mastered two children of prophecy. One was Naruto, and the other was Nagato, who later went on to become Pain. His death at the hand of his former student, Nagato, was the most impactful moment in all of anime history.

4) Kakashi Hatake (Great Teacher)

Top Naruto character Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi had a tough upbringing. His father, “White Fang of the Leaf,” committed suicide, which impacted him for the rest of his life. He became a stickler for following rules, a quality he tried to instill in his disciples.

Moreover, he was the only shinobi who could use a Sharingan despite not being an Unchia, which earned him the nickname “Copy Ninja.” The circumstances under which he got the eye are yet another reason he is one of the best naruto characters and is on our list.

5) Naruto Uzumaki (Indomitable Optimism)

Top Naruto character Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto undergoes a lot of struggle. Despite being blamed for the death of the Fourth Hokage and shunned by everyone around him, Naruto goes on to become the greatest Hokage of all time.

His journey from a hyperactive, naive little shinobi to that of Hokage is remarkable and heart-wrenching. Naruto is a character that everyone can relate to, and I almost ended up in tears when the series concluded.

6) Minato Namikaze (Father of the Year)

Best Naruto character Minato Namikaze

In addition to being the fourth Hokage, Minato was a respected sensei, a caring father, and a loving husband. Not only did he protect Konoha from the Nine-Tails, but he managed to seal the tailed beast in his child.

Minato’s contribution to the ninja world is priceless. Even when Naruto loses control during his fight with Pain, Minato brings him back to his senses. It’s an iconic moment in the series and a personal favorite of mine.

7) Might Guy (Taijutsu Expert)

Top Naruto character Might Guy

Might Guy is the only Taijutsu fighter who Madara praised in his six-path form. In terms of power level, he is comparable to Kakashi but later managed to surpass him too.

Guy’s idol was his father, who sacrificed his life for his comrades. Although not blessed with Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, Guy pushed the boundaries of Taijutsu and elevated the ninja arts to a whole new level, making him one of the top naruto characters.

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8) Rock Lee (Drunken Master)

Top 10 Naruto character Rock Lee

Although Rock Lee was outshone in Naruto Shippuden, he made quite an impact in the first series, especially during the chunin exams. Rock Lee was one of Shinobi’s trainees under Might Guy. He also specialized in Taijutsu and was the first to demonstrate the power of the hidden gates technique during his fight with Gaara.

The inhumane training regimen was borderline comical but made him a strong naruto character who shouldn’t be messed with on the battlefield.

9) Sasuke Uchiha (Child Prodigy And The Last Uchiha)

Top Naruto character Sasuke Uchiha

I personally find Sasuke broody, and that’s why he is so far down on our best naruto characters list. After his clan was annihilated, Sasuke set out to take revenge on his elder brother, Itachi.

During his formative years, Sasuke was a prodigy and inherited Kakashi’s Chidori, which later became his signature move. He underwent a lot of struggle in his pursuit of power. Sasuke even trained under Orochimaru, which was a mistake.

He was inevitably saved by Itachi, who died shortly after, forcing Sasuke down the path of revenge.

10) Nagato/Pain (Leader of Akatsuki)

Top Naruto character Nagato,Pain

Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan were Jiraya’s first disciples. After their face-off with Hanzo, Nagato awakened his true powers and took on the mantle of Pain.

There were few shinobis who could compete with tailed beasts, and Pain was one of them. Pain saw the world differently, and although a greater power manipulated him, he was among the best naruto character villains in the entire series after Madara himself.

11) Shikamaru Nara (Mastermind)

Top Naruto character Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru was the most intelligent naruto character and a shinobi in Naruto’s generation. His intellect and battle tactics rivaled those of Kakashi himself. Through Shikamaru’s superior mind, he overpowered several powerful enemies, Hidan being one of them.

We even got a glimpse into his mind when he outsmarted Temari in the Chunin exams. However, he was quite lazy and preferred the least hostile way in a fight. But even he can deliver a deadly blow when backed into a corner.

12) Hinata Hyuga (Pure Heart)

Top Naruto character Hinata Hyuga

Hinata has admired Naruto since childhood. Even when the rest of the kids ignored or taunted Naruto, she was the only one who showed him some semblance of kindness, making her one of the kindest and best naruto characters.

In Naruto Shippuden, as Hinata grows, we see those emotions take root. She came closer to Naruto with each passing episode. By the end of the series, she marries him. Seeing them come together was heartwarming and made for a perfect conclusion to the entire series.

13) Neji Hyuga (The Underrated Hero)

Top Naruto character Neji Hyuga

If it weren’t for Neji, both Naruto and Hinata would have died during the Great Ninja War. Neji is also one of the characters who die in the Naruto universe. Not being a member of the main Hyuga family, he was treated inferiorly.

However, during the chunin exams, Neji executed the forbidden technique simply by observation, which is a testament to his talent. Naruto wouldn’t exist without Neji, and I am personally grateful to him for this.

14) Obito/Tobi (The Puppeteer)

Top Naruto character Obito,Tobi

Obito and Kakashi trained under Minato, and both of them were rivals/best friends. During a fight, Obito almost lost his life. Although presumed dead, he was saved by Madara’s minions (Black and White Zetsu). After that, he followed Madara’s order and orchestrated the movements of Akatsuki from behind the curtains.

Although he helped Naruto and Sasuke in their battle against Kaguya, he died in the end. He may have started out as the villain, but he redeemed himself in the end, which makes him a prominent naruto character.

15) Orochimaru (The Snake)

Top Naruto character Orochimaru

Orochimaru was one of the three legendary Sannins (besides Jiraiya and Tsunade). Although he was a great fighter and innovator, his unorthodox methods and experiments were unacceptable.

Orochimaru experimented on other shinobis, mutating them. Although some of his experiments created superior shinobis, it was unethical, and he was later excommunicated. However, he, too, redeemed himself by reanimating the previously dead Hokages during the Ninja War.

16) Gaara (The Perfect Ally)

Top Naruto character Gaara

The Leaf and Sand Village weren’t allies at first. But after their first skirmish, Gaara came around and became allies with the Leaf. He even helped Naruto and his friends retrieve Sasuke when he was being taken away by Orochimaru’s minions.

In Naruto Shippuden, Gaara dies but is saved by Naruto. He became an ally of the Leaf village and fought side by side forever, a quality that makes him one of the best naruto characters.

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17) A (Hot Head)

Top Naruto character A (Hot Head)

A is the fourth Raikage in Naruto Shippuden. He is known as the fastest Shinobi, and only Minato was able to beat him at his prime. The Cloud Village controlled the Eight-tailed beast Gyuki.

He was injured several times when training the Jinchuriki, but his power is unparalleled. A is also one of the few individuals who would butt heads with a tailed beast.

18) Yamato (Last Wood Style User After Hashirama)

Top Naruto character Yamato

Orochimaru conducted experiments on Yamato by artificially grafting Hashirama’s cells into his body. Orochimaru succeeded, and in Naruto Shippuden, we see Yamato using the Wood Style Jutsu. Yamato was also an Anbu member and belonged to one of Danzo’s secret squads.

Later on, he helped Kakashi train Naruto. However, he was later captured by Kabuto during the Ninja War and was forced to use Shin Susenju Jutsu (Hashirama’s ultimate Jutsu) against the Ninja Alliance. He was one of the most prominent naruto characters.

19) Iruka Umino (Childhood Teacher and Friend)

Top Naruto character Iruka Umino

Iruka taught Naruto in the Ninja Academy. He is one of the few shinobis who believed in Naruto in spite of the rumors surrounding him. Iruka even tried to save Naruto from another shinobi but was captured.

This was the first time Naruto used the forbidden multi-shadow clone jutsu to save his teacher.

20) Sakura Haruno (Tsunade’s Disciple And A Talented Medical-Nin)

Top Naruto character Sakura Haruno

Sakura is an underfoot naruto character. She didn’t have any special gimmicks. It was not until Tsunade took her as an apprentice that she developed her unique ninja skills.

Later on, she became one of the best medical shinobis in the entire leaf village. She may not be as strong as the rest of the members of Team Seven, but she left quite a mark in the Naruto universe.

These top 20 best naruto characters are all we could think of, but I am sure there are a lot more that many people love, but these are the most popular and ranked ones. You are welcome to drop more suggestions in the comment section below if you think we missed some. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for more engaging content like this one.

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