Top 10 Best Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters Of All Time

Top 10 Best Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters Of All Time

From the menacing Lust of Fullmetal Alchemist to the devious Gluttony of Black Butler, female characters that embody one of the Seven Deadly Sins have been captivating audiences for decades. These women are complex and often misunderstood; their motivations and intentions can range from selfish pleasure-seeking to a genuine desire to protect those they care about. This article will explore 10 of the best female characters whose actions align with one or more of these sins, examining why each character is so compelling.

Through this analysis, we hope to gain insight into why these characters remain popular long after their stories have ended. So join us as we take a look at some of anime’s most sinfully entertaining ladies!

Top 10 Best Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters

1) Merlin


Merlin is one of the most mysterious and powerful characters in the Seven Deadly Sins anime series. She is an extremely powerful sorceress who can manipulate various forms of magic, including her unique Special Magic, known as “Heavy Magic.” Merlin has long white hair that she ties around her neck to keep it out of her face, and she wears a long purple robe with a matching cloak. Her eyes are of different colors – one blue and one yellow – which gives her an eerie look even when she smiles.

In addition to her considerable magical prowess, she has superhuman strength and speed, making her a formidable opponent. Underneath all this power lies a kind heart that cares deeply for those close to her and will go out of her way to protect them from harm.

2) Diane


Diane is the sin of Envy and a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. She is a giant with immense strength, towering over the other characters. She wears a light green dress with a yellow cape and has wild green hair and bright blue eyes. Her wings are yellow, like those of an angel, which can be used to fly or support her allies in battle. Her weapon of choice is a large war hammer called Gideon, which she uses with great skill and power.

Diane has an optimistic and cheerful personality that makes her very endearing to her friends and allies. She cares greatly for them and will go out of her way to help them in their time of need. Despite being patient and good-natured most of the time, when pushed too far she will unleash her wrath upon her foes with devastating force.

3) Elizabeth Liones

Elizabeth Liones

Elizabeth Liones is the Third Princess of the Kingdom of Liones and the one-seventh piece in a legendary collection known as The Seven Deadly Sins. Her beauty is unparalleled – with long, golden hair cascading down her back into two delicate buns atop her head, light brown eyes that seem to sparkle with joy, and skin so pale it illuminates even on the darkest days.

Though she appears fragile on the surface, Elizabeth hides a mysterious power within herself, an energy capable of healing herself and those around her too! She utilizes this gift to shield all who need protection from any malicious forces set upon them. Truly a remarkable woman inside and out!

4) Elaine


Elaine is no ordinary member of the Seven Deadly Sins, as she embodies Gluttony. Her beauty shines through her long blue hair and gentle yellow eyes, made even more captivating by her delicate wings and white dress with light purple accents. You might think that this fairy has a timid demeanor; however, Elaine is fiercely loyal to her comrades and will go out of her way to protect them from harm’s way.

Additionally, because of an almost supernatural sense of intuition in battle situations – allowing for anticipation of the enemy’s next move – Elaine has proven herself time after time on the battlefield, which only strengthens their powerful connection!

5) Derieri


Derieri is a great demon. Her unique physical appearance includes bright pink eyes and two horns protruding from her forehead. Derieri possesses immense strength and incredible speed, allowing her to dominate even the mightiest of adversaries easily. She carries a powerful cursed sword that can take on many forms, giving her an incredibly versatile arsenal in battle.

In addition to her physical prowess, she has access to a wide range of magical abilities, such as teleportation, chaos manipulation, and control over dark elements. She is often seen with her brother Monspeet who she shares an unbreakable bond. Together they form an unstoppable duo capable of achieving objectives no other force could hope to accomplish.

6) Melascula


Melascula, a demon hailing from the Seven Deadly Sins franchise, captivates onlookers with her jet-black hair cascading over her face and glowing yellow eyes that appear to contain divinity. She dons an exquisite outfit – a tight-fitted dress accented by red trimming, leather boots up to her knees, and two wings of feathers that she can summon at any time.

Her skin is ivory like death, but she carries herself with regal authority; it’s clear why this master manipulator wields immense power when controlling fear and illusions and engaging in physical combat!

7) Thonar


Meet Thonar, the kind-hearted original character from Grand Cross. She stands out with her signature spiky ponytail and blue eyes. Despite her cool exterior, she is driven by a strong sense of justice and courageously fights in wars to restore order. Further displaying her compassion for others, Thonar travels to Midgard to help those suffering and bring them hope.

Truly an inspirational figure, Thonar exemplifies strength through kindness and demonstrates how one individual can make a difference when it comes to bettering the world around us!

8) Guinevere


A valiant warrior from the Seven Deadly Sins, Guinevere is a daughter of King Arthur with an unyielding spirit. She can shoot her bow and arrow with remarkable accuracy while wearing gallant armor bedecked in regal purple accents that offset her fair golden hair. She perseveres resolutely when faced with any danger, regardless of how formidable it may be. Stubborn at times yet courageous always – Guinevere stands firm against all odds!

9) Peronia


Behold Peronia, the imperious princess of Danafor and a prestigious member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Her dignified features resemble her older brother Gilthunder’s – pale skin, brown eyes, and long silver hair. She displays admirable prowess with her double-bladed halberd weapon as if it were an extension of herself.

Confident in her own strength, she is eager to tackle any obstacle standing before her without pause for fear or hesitation; all that matters is recognition from those around her.

10) Roxy


Roxy is a one-of-a-kind member of the Seven Deadly Sins and an unwavering ally to Escanor. An ageless fairy, she boasts sparkling blonde hair and vibrant dark blue eyes – although her petite stature may suggest otherwise, she has lived for hundreds of years! Her playful side can land her in trouble occasionally, but her resourcefulness enables her to escape any conundrum with ease.

With remarkable regenerative powers that render Roxy immune from physical harm, no opponent stands a chance against this immortal being! Moreover, Roxy’s powerful magical energy detection allows her to sense danger before it strikes.

From the cunning Guinevere to the audacious Roxy, we’ve uncovered some of the most iconic and impressive female characters from Seven Deadly Sins. There’s no debating your favorite protagonist or sin; all these women will certainly leave a lasting impact on you. Whether it’s admiration for their inner strength or compassion for their battle against enormous odds, each of these ladies embodies every one of the seven deadly sins in ways that make them truly unforgettable figures.

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