Best Uncensored Anime Of All Time – Top 20 Must Watch!

In today’s world, you can see a lot of uncensored animes and series quite easily. Still, you need to understand that censorship is used to limit the effects of any content on obscenity, as these can significantly change a person’s perspective. In the world of anime, censorships are very annoying, especially if you are an adult.

To help you in this situation, we have created a list of the top twenty uncensored anime you cannot miss. Before exploring this anime list, we request you to make sure you are eighteen or above before watching these anime, as these feature sexually suggestive scenes.

If you want to know more about an anime series, take a look at its censorship record. So, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s dive into the pool of some of the best-uncensored anime.

20 Best Uncensored Anime Of All Time

This list of 20 Best Uncensored Anime has been created by our team of hardcore anime lovers whose passion and knowledge for anime runs deep. We have created this list only after researching and finding out what anime has the best story and characters and is uncensored. So, let’s get started!

1) Berserk – (Released in 1989)

Berserk(Uncensored Anime Released in 1989)

Berserk is a twelve-episode, highly acclaimed, uncensored anime series that was first released in 2016. It is based on a manga and tells the story of Berserk, who recently lost his mother. He was left all alone in this world, but he was hired by a gang leader some time leader.

Due to his abilities, Berserk soon rose to the high ranks of the gang in a short time, but everything changed when he realized that there was more than killing and slaughtering.

2) Kill La Kill – (Released in 2013)

Kill La Kill - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2013)

Kill La Kill is a twenty-four-episode anime series that tells the story of a girl named Ryuuko Matoi. She recently lost her father, who was murdered, and she now wants to find the killers of her father. It is an award-winning anime series.

She uses her primary weapon, called a Scissor blade, and a piece of cloth called God’s Cloth for power. Her ultimate destination is a school where she fights with the student council for all the answers.

3) High School DxD – (Released in 2012)

High School DxD - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2012)

High School DxD is a twelve-episode eechi uncensored anime series that is an adoption of a light novel. The story starts when Hyodou Issie is admitted to a school. He was an independent boy who wanted to live his life, but he met a girl from another school sometime later.

They both fell in love and went on many dates to have fun together. Soon, his love turns out to be a fallen angel who kills him, and this is where the story takes an interesting turn.

4) Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou – (Released in 2016)

Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2016)

Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou premiered in 2015 on TV, and it was an adaptation of a manga. It features the story of a boy named Kimihito Kurusu who is involved with some monster girls. They live together, and some girls develop for him over time.

Both of Kimihito’s parents are away, so these monsters are at large. Things will take some unexpected turns, so tune in to watch some pure and uncensored anime.

5) Ishuzoku Reviewers – (Released in 2020)

Ishuzoku Reviewers - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2020)

Ishuzoku Reviewers is an uncensored anime series that tells the story of a group of reviewers who are on a trip to watch the reproduction process of all the species around them. It was first released in 2020 on TV and was an adaptation of a manga series.

This anime series is packed with a punch of comedy and sexually suggestive scenes to cater to all your needs under one roof.

6) To Love Ru – (Released in 2008)

To Love Ru - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2008)

To Love Ru is a twenty-six-episode anime series that was released in 2008. It tells the story of Rito Yukki, who falls in love with a beautiful girl, but he is afraid to confess his love to her. The story takes a turn when Rito meets with an alien princess who is escaping from intergalactic marriage.

It is an eechi anime where you will enjoy a dose of suspense, romance, and drama all at once.

7) Jinrō – (Released in 2000)

Jinrō - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2000)

Jinrō is a 2000 adaptation of a manga series that was released as a complete movie. It is set in post-world war II Japan where a constable named Kazuki Fuse is distressed because he couldn’t save a young girl who was a suicide bomber.

Due to his unstable mental state, he was captured by the military and sent to a camp. This uncensored anime has won many awards in categories such as Best film animation, Minami Toshiko award, and the special award, etc.

8) Mnemosyne – (Released in 2008)

Mnemosyne - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2008)

Mnemosyne is a short uncensored anime love story of two girls and an original anime series that was released in 2008. It features a girl named Rin Asougi, who has the power of immortality. In her past life, she was an investigator, so she had a lot of enemies who wanted to kill her, and she had to fight for her life every day.

It was only six episodes long which means you don’t have to spend too much time.

9) Yuuna – (Released in 2018)

Uncensored Anime Yuuna - (Released in 2018)

Yuuna is a twelve-episode adaptation of a manga that tells the story of beautiful ghosts. A psychic named Fuyuzora goes to an inn named Yuragi because it was abandoned by guests after multiple reports of ghosts.

After Fuyuzora spends some in the inn, he realizes that the ghost is the complete opposite of the stories. It is the ghost of a cute girl named Yuuna and Fuyuzora wants to learn her story.

10) GANTZ – (Released in 2010)

Uncensored Anime GANTZ - (Released in 2010)

GANTZ is a thirteen-episode uncensored anime series that was released in 2004, and it was a manga adaptation. Kei kurono is a young boy who has to fight against monsters and aliens to kill them and make a living out of it.

After his death, a life of misery is waiting for him. This anime series is filled with fear, misery, and gore, so get ready for the once in life ride. It packs a punch of violence and action along with an engaging storyline.

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11) Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero – (Released in 2012)

Uncensored Anime Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero - (Released in 2012)

Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero is a series by Arms Studios, and the first episode of this uncensored anime was released in 2012. It is adapted from a light novel and expands over twelve episodes. Akatsuki was a rogue back in the day, and he fought a lot in another dimension during that time. As time passed by, many other people also learned the art of traveling and fighting in other dimensions.

Towards the end, Akatsuki and his wife get involved in a fight with a student council in Babal, and their survival itself becomes a difficult quest.

12) Demon King Daimao – (Released in 2010)

Demon King Daimao - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2010)

Demon King Daimao is an uncensored anime series by Artland studios for TV that has a MAL score of 6.8, and it was released in 2010. It is the story of a demon king named Sai. During his adventure, Sai met Junko Hattori, who has the same principles, and they both joined hands to change the world according to their principles.

He is prophesied as the upcoming Demon king, and he wants to bring justice to the world after taking the throne. Sai is a very strong character who doesn’t fear the situation and gives his hundred percent.

13) Shinmai Maou No Testament – (Released in 2015)

Shinmai Maou No Testament - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2015)

Shinmai Maou No Testament is a 2015 anime series that was based on a light novel. Basara Toujou is a young boy who recently met with her sibling, but they are completely different in their looks. Mio and Maria are born demons and enemies of heroes.

In short, enemies are gathered under the same roof, but the story takes a turn when Basra decides to protect them as they are part of his family now. It features a blend of eechi, drama, and action.

14) Ladies Versus Butlers – (Released in 2010)

Uncensored Anime Ladies Versus Butlers - (Released in 2010)

Ladies Versus Butlers is an uncensored anime series by Xebec studios that premiered in 2010 and received a MAL score of 6.6. It was based on a light novel and had twelve episodes. It tells the story of Hino, who is young and lost both his parents. After the tragedy, he moved to live with his uncle, but he was a free soul, so he later joined a boarding school as a butler.

In the boarding school, the maximum strength is of girls, and this is a problem for Hino because he is a good-looking boy. Luckily, Hino, her childhood friend named Tomomi, was also his childhood crush. It is a complete dose of romance that you can watch on any evening.

15) Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!? – (Released in 2019)

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher! - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2019)

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher is a 2019 manga-based anime series by Tear Studio which shows another face of teachers. It is the story of Satou who is a young boy who fell in love with his Kana, his teacher. For others, Kojima is very ruthless, but she always has a soft spot for Satou. When they first met in the restroom, they couldn’t control their urges.

Things went on for many future interactions where they did much more than just talk. This teacher-student relationship is exemplary for many. In terms of popularity, it received a MAL score of 6.4, making it an above-average anime series, but viewers still love it because it is uncensored.

16) Dragonar Academy – (Released in 2014)

Dragonar Academy - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2014)

Dragonar Academy was premiered in 2014 by C-station studios on TV. In this twelve-episode uncensored anime series, the life of a student of the Dragonar academy named Ash Blake is shown. He is not very good at riding dragons due to his abilities. Although he will become a pretty good rider in the future, for now, he is just a below-average rider in the academy who is mostly looked down upon.

As time went on, he tamed a strong dragon who was, in fact, an adorable girl. She is so rude, and she tells everyone in the academy that she is the master and Blake is her servant.

17) Girls Bravo – (Released in 2004)

Girls Bravo - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2004)

Girls Bravo is an anime series that is filled with humor to make you laugh. It premiered in 2004 and was produced by AIC Spirits studios. It features the story of a boy called Yukinari who was bullied by girls in his childhood, and he developed a rare disorder during all this. Things got worst when he reached a world where the majority were girls, but a girl became a light of hope for him.

She is very caring and loves her very much. They have a romance, and his disorder doesn’t kick in when Yukinari is around her, so they are a perfect match. It is adapted from a manga and received a score of 6.4 on MAL.

18) Redo Of Healer – (Released in 2021)

Redo Of Healer - (Uncensored Anime Released in 2021)

Redo Of Healer is a true adult anime series by TNK studios, and it premiered in 2021. Soon after the release of this twelve-episode uncensored anime series, it sparked controversy. Keyaru was a powerful prodigy, but these powers of him were more of like a curse because they led him to have a miserable life in the near future.

He was abused by people for their uses. Although it featured some gore and dark content, the biggest reason behind its popularity is its eechi part. These scenes will entice, and maybe, you will find some waifus for you in the meantime from all those adorable girls.

19) Isuca – (Released in 2015)

Uncensored Anime Isuca - (Released in 2015)

Isuca is a romantic twelve-episode anime series that was released in 2015. It is centered around a boy named Asano, who was left by his parents and is living on the streets now as a broke guy. One day, Asano was attacked by a monstrous centipede, but he was saved by her classmate named Shimazu, who wasn’t a normal girl at all.

Due to his abilities and sheer will, he was picked up to fight against a demon by Sakuya. He later moved to her house, where he started working as a housekeeper while they developed a romantic relationship.

20) Nana – (Released in 2006)

Uncensored Anime Nana - (Released in 2006)

Nana tells the story of a woman who is in her twenties and is very helpless. She fell in love with Shouji, who moved to Tokyo some time ago, and now she also moved to Tokyo to search for him. During her ride on the train to Tokyo, she met with two girls who had the same name as her, and they later met in the series to live together in the same apartment.

Their intimate life is full of love and romance that you will surely enjoy. As time passed by, they developed a bond out of complete love because of all the challenges that they faced together as one unit.

Now with Nana, our list of the top 20 best Uncensored Animes comes to an end but if you have any suggestions for us do let us know and we will include any series that we missed in our next update.

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