Top 10 Best Black Cartoon Characters That You Need To See!

Top 10 Best Black Cartoon Characters That You Need To See!

Cartoons have been a source of entertainment for children and adults alike since the dawn of animation. They’ve also hugely impacted popular culture, with characters like Mickey Mouse becoming icons in their own right. But while there are countless memorable cartoon characters out there, it can be hard to find representations of black people in animation.

That’s why we’re counting down the top 10 best black cartoon characters ever created! From classic Disney films like The Lion King to modern masterpieces like Steven Universe, these beloved animated heroes will make you smile and remind you just how powerful representation can be. So let’s get started and see who made our list of the top black cartoon characters!

Top 10 Best Black Cartoon Characters

1) Frozone (The Incredibles)

Frozone (The Incredibles)

Meet Lucius Best, better known as Frozone. He’s a major force in The Incredibles (2004) and its sequel Incredibles 2 (2018). He is a trusted friend of the protagonist Mr. Incredible and an amazing superhero with unparalleled cryokinesis abilities – able to control water and freeze moisture at will! With his composed attitude alongside his clever wit and charisma, it’s no wonder why everyone loves him so much.

Despite his low-key personality, Frozone can be recognized for being incredibly powerful – frequently providing essential help to save the day for other members of The Incredibles team!

2) Storm (X-Men)

Storm (X-Men)

Storm is a powerful mutant with the ability to manipulate and control the weather. She’s an integral part of the X-Men, often leading her teammates into battle. Storm is strong-willed and independent but also compassionate and loving. Her first priority is always protecting those in need and fighting for justice, even if it means sacrificing herself in the process. Her powers are incredibly vast; she can summon lightning, cause hurricanes, create tornadoes, and even alter the atmosphere to benefit her team’s mission.

Despite facing immense adversity throughout her life, Storm has remained resilient and optimistic, using her powers to help others and driven by a sense of hope for a brighter future.

3) Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!)

Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!)

Cyborg is a powerhouse of energy and attitude in Teen Titans Go. As part of the Teen Titans, Cyborg uses his technological prowess to keep the team safe and achieve their objectives. He’s perpetually excited and always looking for ways to help out, whether it be offering comedic relief with funny one-liners or utilizing his advanced cybernetic abilities to gain an edge in battle. His powers range from knowledge absorption to enhanced strength, making him a formidable opponent.

His laser eye beams are especially useful, allowing him to shoot powerful blasts of energy at enemies or scan a room for hidden objects. Only slightly more intelligent than a robot, Cyborg is loyal, dependable, and always ready to save the day!

4) Agent J (Men In Black)

Agent J (Men In Black)

Agent J is a vital part of Men In Black, known for his intelligence and courage. His brashness hides a kind heart beneath the façade—a hero with both quick wit and an impressive arsenal! From his neuralyzer that can erase memories to “the Squad Car” powered by artificial intelligence, Agent J has gadgets galore at his disposal. But Noisy Cricket Blaster Gun packs the biggest punch, firing powerful energy blasts for maximum effect in any situation he may find himself in.

With confidence, cunningness, and charisma all rolled into one badass package – Agent J truly epitomizes what an intergalactic defender being is all about.

5) Monique (Kim Possible)

Monique (Kim Possible)

Monique is the best friend of Kim Possible, the title character from Disney Channel’s animated series. She’s fashionable, witty and sassy, always ready with a sharp quip or sound advice for her BFF. Monique adds a dose of real-world perspective to Kim’s world full of exciting adventures, secret identities, and supervillains. A master of all things fashion and beauty, she’s never seen without her signature red glasses and an impeccable wardrobe.

Her keen eye for detail comes in handy when it comes to defeating villains or finding hidden clues – no matter how small they might be! Monique is always there to support Kim and help make sure justice prevails!

6) Valerie Gray (Danny Phantom)

Valerie Gray (Danny Phantom)

Valerie Gray, a main character from Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom, is an admirable teenage girl with brains and courage. At school, she reigns as popular amongst her peers yet never shies away from defending what she values most. Valerie’s resilient moral compass only intensifies in the face of injustice or harm to those who need protection, and it serves as a reminder for Danny when he needs to think things through rationally rather than impulsively act out.

With brazen wit, tenacious spirit, and an unwavering justice system firmly intact, Valerie stands firm in her convictions!

7) Craig Williams (Craig Of The Creek)

Craig Williams (Craig Of The Creek)

Craig Williams is one of the main characters in Cartoon Network’s “Craig of The Creek.” Craig is an adventurous, imaginative, kind-hearted 9-year-old who loves exploring the magical city beneath the creek with his best friends, Kelsey and JP. Despite his young age, he always manages to find clever solutions for even the most complex problems.

With his wild ideas, brave heart, and loyalty to those close to him, Craig inspires the people around him – especially his siblings – to be their best selves. He’s truly a hero in every sense of the word!

8) Zack Underwood (Milo Murphy’s Law)

Zack Underwood (Milo Murphy’s Law)

Zack Underwood is one of the main characters in Disney XD’s Milo Murphy’s Law. He’s a scientifically-minded, observant, and logical teenager who often has difficulty understanding the chaos around him. As one of Milo’s best friends, Zack is always willing to help out in any way he can and supports his friend through his wild adventures.

With his intellect and pragmatism, Zack helps balance out the energy of the trio and ensures things don’t get too crazy. He also serves as a source of knowledge and sensibility when needed. Zack is a true friend anyone would be lucky to have!

9) Cleveland Brown (Family Guy)

Cleveland Brown (Family Guy)

Cleveland Brown is one of the main characters in Fox’s Family Guy. He’s an easy-going, laid-back, and good-natured person with an exceptionally dry and sarcastic wit. Cleveland is a calm presence among the craziness of Quahog, providing wisdom and insight when needed. Although he can be a bit naive at times, his loyalty to his family and friends never wavers.

He’s always ready for a beer with his buddies or to catch up on the latest sitcoms. Cleveland is the go-to guy for a laugh but also knows how to provide comfort when needed.

10) Dr. Hibbert (The Simpsons)

Dr. Hibbert (The Simpsons)

Dr. Hibbert is a beacon of light in Fox’s The Simpsons, always displaying an air of joviality and positivity no matter the circumstance. His vast knowledge of medicine allows him to offer realistic guidance when times get tough. Yet, even with his remarkable credentials, he never prioritizes people over anything else.

His laid-back demeanor makes it easier for patients and coworkers alike to open up while they benefit from Dr. Hibbert’s impressive medical expertise – ultimately leading them toward recovery or betterment!

All in all, the most remarkable black cartoon characters possess many diverse experiences and personalities that are scarcely observed in popular media. From Bubbles to Carlitos, Huey Freeman to Dr. Hibbert – these characters grant us an eye-opening insight into African-American culture too often overlooked.

Although some progress has been made towards more representation and inclusion recently, much work is still left before we can reach genuine diversity within the animation.

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