Top 17 Chinese Anime Series Of All Time – Must Watch List!

Top 17 Chinese Anime Series Of All Time - Must Watch List!

Since their debut in 1935, Chinese anime series and films have carved out a special place in our hearts. Indeed, the Chinese form is different from the Japanese, but this does not mean you shouldn’t try watching some of the most popular anime featuring Chinese ways of living and traditions, among other things. 

Even though Japanese anime is the most popular, many anime made in China are amazing and should be on your “must-watch” list. We have made a list of 17 Chinese anime with unique storylines, appealing visuals, and elements to satisfy your curiosity.

There are rich cultural folktales and traditional values that make these special. As these anime make their way into mainstream media, hop into this world of mysteries and surprising twists. So, let’s get started with our list.

17) Full-Time Magister

Chinese Anime Full-Time Magister


We are starting this list with this Chinese anime called Full-time Magister. The story consists of Mo Fan, the son of a poor laborer. While he searches for jobs to make ends meet, his dream of attending a magic school comes true. However, he gets bullied for being poor in the magic school.

Nothing can stop Mo Fan from learning magic and spells, and he manages to get the rare lightning element. We love Mo Fan’s determination and will to help others, the visuals are appealing, and the storyline kept us hooked.

16) Lan Mo’s Flower

chinese anime - Lan Mo_s Flower

If you love watching anime that are soft and easy to binge, this Chinese anime is for you. The story revolves around Lan Mo, who is on a mission to make Lui Yi Feng, her childhood friend, fall in love with her. She finds a magical hairpin to change the way she looks. We love the general theme of magic intertwined with romance.

The series is a light watch that leaves our hearts fluttering, warm, and fuzzy. The series is quite short, but nothing feels rushed, making it perfect to rejoice in the storyline and the sequence of events. 

15) Tales of Demons And Gods

Chinese Anime Tales of Demons And Gods


Nie Li was once one of the strongest demon spiritualists. We follow along with his life as he is brought back in time after losing a battle against the Sage Emperor and his minions. Tales of Demons and Gods is styled differently using 3D animation.

We loved the complex characters and well-developed storyline. The entire anime is very interesting and captures our attention immediately. 

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14) Monkey King: The Hero is Back

Chinese Anime Monkey King


Monkey King: Hero is Back is a slow-paced Chinese anime. It kept us hooked as we followed the life of a powerful being imprisoned in an ice pillar. The anime begins on an interesting note when the Monkey King breaks several divine laws and is imprisoned.

A lost boy comes across this person and unknowingly frees the Monkey King from the curse of imprisonment. 

13) My Cultivator Girlfriend

chinese anime - my cultivator girlfriend

Comprising 15 episodes, My Cultivator Girlfriend is based on the adventures of a security guard named Ma Yingxiong. He saves a female cultivator named Lu Zi and enters the cultivation world. Although the setup is modern, surprisingly, there are no modern rules or traditions.

This anime is quite short, but the outlay is hilarious and makes it worth watching. We love the intriguing backstories and well-defined characters. 

12) Rakshasa Street

chinese anime - Rakshasa Street

Xia Ling is an ordinary university intern. We follow her life as she dives into the world of evil spirits in the lap of danger. We love how slowly the story progresses and does not bore us! The patience required is worth the cliffhangers and twists in this Chinese anime.

Only rare souls with guardian angels can enter Requiem Street, where humans and spirits coexist. Xia Ling’s life changes with a meeting, but can you live and survive in a world full of evil spirits cooperating with your guardian spirit? 

11) Spiritpact

Chinese Anime Spiritpact


We love Spiritpact because it kept us hooked from the first episode. There is action, art, and humor, and the graphics are exceptionally great. The story follows the adventures of You Keika and Ki Tanmoku as they face difficult challenges. You Keika is a failed exorcist, and Ki Tanmoku is the head of a family of exorcists.

Their admiration grows for each other beyond their master-servant relationship. This unexpected turn in the anime grows our curiosity about how the story will unfold. 

This anime has a great balance of funny and serious scenes and ends on a cliffhanger! The characters are well-developed, and we loved watching them as they progressed with the story. We are definitely waiting for the next season. 

10) Cinderella Chef

chinese anime - Cinderella Chef

A modern-day celebrity chef, Ye Jiayao, travels back to ancient China when one of her experiments goes wrong. Ye Jiayao is realistic and witty, and she does not change herself when everything around her is flipped upside down.

As the story progresses, she fakes marrying an undercover agent named Xia Chun Yu for the king. The cooking skills of Ye Jiayao won the hearts of the people and Xia Chun Yu. As she falls in love with this handsome man, Xia Chun Yu, they are torn apart by circumstances!

It is a bit of a surprise, but Xia Chun Yu tries to find her, which leads to the title of “Cindrella Chef.” We found this Chinese anime visually appealing, and it does not fail to arouse curiosity. It has a good blend of romance, history, comedy, food, and action. 

9) Psychic Princess

chinese anime - Psychic Princess

Although it’s a bit slow, this anime is worth watching for all the fantasy, Chinese elements like architecture and nature, and the storyline! We love how the story progresses, and new elements like demons and ghosts are introduced. The male lead is strong, dominant, and possessive.

The story revolves around the female lead, who is intelligent, independent, and cute. Aotian’s daughter, Qian Yunshang, doesn’t want to marry Prince Ye Youming. Yunxi, Aotian’s other daughter, is cursed and in exile because of her ability to see ghosts. Aotian tries to marry off Yunxi in place of Yunshang. 

8) Ace Censorate

chinese anime - Ace Censorate

We enjoyed watching this Chinese anime because it mixes comedy and combat. In Ace Censorate, days and nights merge to reveal complicated monsters. Although their routines differ, everything turns chaotic when humans start coming out at the time of demons, i.e., at night.

These monsters are always on the hunt to attack humans. We follow the journey of two classmates, Ye Yan and Huang Xiao Yan, who train people to kill or tame the monsters. We love the touch of comedy and the adventures of these two classmates on a mission to save humanity. 

7) Twin Spirit Detectives

chinese anime - Twin Spirit Detectives


Diving into the world of paranormal activities, we follow the lives of two private detective brothers. They have to solve a unique and dangerous case one day. The more they immerse themselves in solving the case, the more dangerous it becomes.

Their adventures are mysterious, and every time they face the question, “What secrets are the ghosts hiding from them?” The path to the truth is thrilling and hazy, and we are obsessed with the storyline and how a series of unfortunate events puts their life at a standstill. 

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6) The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 

chinese anime-The Daily Life of the Immortal King

If you love modern video games, humor, metaphysics, paper runes, alchemy walls, and spells, you must watch this amazing Chinese anime. A powerful teen tries to hide his magical powers to survive as an ordinary being in the world. The adventure begins, and his magical powers surface.

There are fights, school life, magic, and romance. The entire series is very interesting, with many real-life references such as people, events, and memes. It is under the category “funny and relaxing,” and we loved how refreshing it was! We enjoyed this anime from the start to the end. 

5) The Founder Of Diabolism

chinese anime- The Founder of Diabolism

Wei Wu Xian is a great master and the demonic sect’s creator. Everyone hates him because he brought so much chaos to the earth. We love how opposing clans join hands to eliminate him. He incarnates as Mo Xuanyu, a lonely wanderer. Mo Xuanyu tries to escape his old acquaintance, and he has to hide his true identity.

As we embark on their journey to defeat monsters and investigate mysteries, there are crazy adventures and elements of surprise and curiosity.  

4) Age Of League 

chinese anime-Age of League

This Chinese anime features lots of comedy and action. The story concerns a young student named Mao Zhiqiang, who loves playing his favorite video game. Mao and his friends form a group named KYA; they participate in national sports competitions and want to win.

Do you think the KYA will win the competition? This anime is very short, and if you are into action, thrills, and video games, this is a must-watch. 

3) Soul Land

chinese anime-soul land

Soul Land is a very popular Chinese anime; you should watch it if you haven’t already! The storyline consists of tang San, a former Tang Sect Martial Clan disciple. He breaks some forbidden rules and commits suicide. Later, Tang Sang reincarnates in a world where people cultivate their innate spirits and become spiritual masters.

He sets out on a mission to reach the apex of the cultivation world with his strong spiritual power. We loved the vivid animations and exquisite storyline that this anime showed us. 

2) Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation

chinese anime-Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Wei Wuxian was the founder of demonic cultivation. People were afraid of him for creating unorthodox cultivation. Surprisingly, he reincarnates into the body of a man thirteen years later. Wei Wuxian then meets his former classmate Lan Wangji and goes on a journey with him to plague the clans.

These two form an unexpected bond and fight ghosts, demons, and other cultivators on their mysterious adventures. We love this Chinese anime because it has action, fantasy, adventure, and excellent pacing! 

chinese anime-Link Click

Two men, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang run a small store called “Time Photo Studio.” These men use their supernatural powers to enter pictures and fulfill the demands made by the customers. When they enter a picture, they must carefully accomplish the tasks because every action greatly influences the future of the person who took that photo.

Whatever they do in the image will tremendously impact that person and other events. There are different characters, and we love how emotionally driven they are! Each episode is better than the previous one, with a unique storyline.

It becomes difficult when Lu and Cheng push their feelings aside and complete the tasks with personal pictures. 

Our list can go on and on, but that’s it for now. We collected these top 17 Chinese anime based on their storyline, visuals, and interesting elements. Each has its uniqueness and element of mystery, which we loved, and we are sure you will too! Others like The King’s Avatar and Full-Time Mage are worth watching too! If we still need to mention some Chinese anime we missed, comment below and let us know! 


1) Which Chinese Anime Is Best?

We cannot say that any particular Chinese anime can be called the best, but we have made this list so that you can judge for yourself. However, according to many fans, the best Chinese anime is Soul land, Battle through the heavens, The king’s avatar, Grandmaster of demonic cultivation, Age of league, and many more.

2) What Is Anime Called In Chinese?

The Chinese word for anime is called “Donghua.” After decades of no improvements in the animation sector of the Chinese industry, going all the way back to the Cultural Revolution, China has begun what many are calling a renaissance in Chinese art and animation.

3) Is Anime Watched In China?

Yes, many Chinese people watch anime nowadays, and they even have their Chinese anime series that are quite popular. Since the Japanese creators started airing anime in china, they have grown tremendously in popularity, and older Chinese people recall watching shows like Doraemon and Ikkyu-san.

Japanese anime is extremely popular in China, especially for people of the postˉ90s. A lot of kids and many generations grow up watching Japanese anime. Sales of Japanese cartoons increased by 79 percent in 2015 alone, with more than half of that gain coming straight from Chinese purchasers.

5) Is Anime Forbidden In China?

There are a lot of anime series in China that are banned due to extreme brutality, sexual imagery, or some terrorist propaganda. Anime like”High School DxD” and other such types of anime are banned because they sexualize students who are studying in high school, which is not wanted by the target audience and is deemed unfit.

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