Top 17 Dark Anime Of All Time That Are A Must Watch!

Top 17 Dark Anime Of All Time That Are A Must Watch!

If you’re in the mood to watch some dark, evil, and horrifying anime, we got you covered! Darkness can mean different things to different people, and we are here to tell you about some of the best dark anime of all time that are also gruesome and terrifying. Most of these anime will also include violence, injustice, and psychic stuff, so make sure you are prepared.

These anime have unique storylines; you’ll want more after each episode. Some of these are ideal for people who usually don’t watch dark anime, and others are stomach-churning. 

Head in to explore this world of gratuitous blood and gore, everything from trauma and disturbing concepts to the exploration of deaths and horror. In the world of darkness, let the evils unveil and take over the dark world. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get our list of the top 17 must-watch dark anime started.

Top 17 Dark Anime That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Our team’s anime experts have researched and gathered all the useful and important information about these seventeen dark anime series that you would want to know and what makes them so unique. So, let’s get started with the list!

1) Made in Abyss

Dark Anime Made in Abyss

This 13-episode-long psychological dark anime is set in a fantastical universe. No one knows how the abyss came into existence or even why it came into existence. We don’t know what lies within it! There are thousands of mysteries of the abyss that are thrilling and captivating.

Riko is the daughter of Lyza, who is a missing diver. She is desperate to dive deeper into the mysterious like her mother, but her life turns upside down when she meets a strange being while diving! 

2) Psycho-Pass

Dark Anime Psycho-Pass

Set in the futuristic version of Japan, Psycho-Pass is based on the lives of the officers who work in the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation division. The series focuses on the gruesome and dark side of human behavior. We found the story of this dark anime quite intriguing since it shows human emotions being monitored by the government via a data stream.

The officers keenly monitor every facet of a citizen’s life. Being a psychological thriller, it depicts vulnerability, violence, and excessive gore and has a plethora of complicated ideas.

If you don’t like guns, violence, and gore, don’t watch this dark anime! It is certainly not for faint hearts. 

3) Attack on Titan

Dark Anime Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is based on a very famous manga series. The anime will leave you hinged on the dark apocalyptic world populated with giant Titans. A group of titans destroys Eren’s hometown (the main protagonist), who then pledges to take down every Titan. The episodes are gruesome yet adventurous.

We love the atmospheric backgrounds and tense action scenes throughout the series. Even if you are not a fan of anime, this series will make you obsessed. It deals with complicated political and social problems driven by energy, innovation, and horror. 

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4) Wonder Egg Priority

Dark Anime Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority has used the entrenched genre trope and worked well in making this dark anime very popular. It is under the category of psychological horror since there is a real emphasis on the psychological aspect of it. The visuals are appealing and soft, but the subject matter of the anime is terrifying. 

We love the back-and-forth between dreams and reality. Although this sparks many questions, these questions are definitely worth the suspense and mystery. 

5) Elfen Lied

Dark Anime Elfen Lied

There is endless torture in Elfen Lied. We were expecting a happy ending, but we constantly witnessed the downfall of humanity. The main character Kouta deals with an alien with deadly psychic powers that threaten humanity’s existence. These aliens want humanity dead so they can live in a world that is exclusive to them.

This psychological anime will introduce you to a world of unknown dangers, which adds an element of thrill and horror to it. You must watch this dark anime to witness extreme gore, unfortunate deaths, and violence! 

6) Monster

Dark Anime Monster

Monster is a crime genre anime revolving around the life of a neurosurgeon named Kenzo Tenma. Dr. Tenma saves a young boy who later becomes destructive mayhem. Soon after saving Johan’s life, Dr. Tebma experiences bizarre events.

The series showcases the mind games between both of these intriguing characters. We love the creepy mysteries that this 74-episode-long series offers.

We were hooked on the entire series, diving deeper into the unknown with every subsequent episode. This dark anime is a must-watch if you love unpredictable horror and thrill.  

7) Death Note

Dark Anime Death note

The story is based on a socially awkward boy, Light Yagami. Light finds a book on the school campus with instructions on wishing death upon someone. Everything is smooth and straightforward until Light’s wish comes true! Only Light can see and hear Shinigami, a spectral entity.

The book binds him to Shinigami, and Light decides to purge the society of all evil. We often found ourselves surprised and intimidated when Light changes, as we couldn’t make accurate predictions in the Dark Note.

Light’s intelligence and detective skills are simultaneously incredible, impressive, and equally terrifying, making this show even more exciting! 

8) Serial Experiments Lain

Dark Anime Serial Experiments Lain

This series is slow-paced and requires us to be attentive. The visual experiences are eerie and hypnotic; we love the horror! We count this as a very dark anime because it revolves around the life of Lain Iwakura, who receives an email from her dead classmate. Her life changes when she dives into the digital world of ‘weird’ as described in the email.

There’s a lot to learn about digital communication and cyberspace in this anime. The core message is clear and relevant, intertwined with thrilling and dark elements. 

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9) Berserk

Dark Anime Berserk

A new king controls the pseudo-medieval kingdom of Midland. The adventure begins when this new king rises to power with the use of violence. Guts is a young boy who challenges any swordsman for a duel. The story also features a battle-weary soldier Griffith.

Riddled with brutal violence, this series contains 25 parts, each displaying battle scenes, and extreme violence. The series shows how deeply troubled these characters are as we watch the characters’ conflicts.

They are never afraid to commit gruesome acts riddled with violence and evil. They are not like the heroes we usually see; this dark anime has plenty of mystery and thrill. 

10) Vinland Saga

Dark Anime Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a violent, historical, and dark anime featuring a lot of drama and suspense. An assassin killed the legendary Viking warrior Thors. Thorfinn, the son of Thors, embarks on a journey to kill his father’s assassin for revenge and justice.

It’s not just a revenge story but a plethora of tragedies and violence. The antagonist is complex and overpowers the protagonist. We love the characters and the background design; the set-up is stunning and appealing.

However, even with a beautiful set-up, this anime offers horror, darkness, and grit like nothing else! 

11) Ergo Proxy

Dark Anime Ergo Proxy

The city of Romdeau is doomed, and we experience its post-apocalyptic world in this anime. The story revolves around the investigations of the Re-l-Mayer. Her dark quest to unveil the secret of the Proxies is gripping as she displays her investigation skills. The Proxies are a humanoid entity, adding to the thrill and suspense of the world of Ergo Proxy. 

The sci-fi elements mixed with the horror rage make this anime a must-watch for all dark anime lovers. This anime has unique storytelling with a mix of psychological and philosophical aspects under the same roof.

It has focused on the exploration of the human mind. Ergo Proxy is not very popular, but all the details and the storyline make it worth watching. 

12) The Promised Neverland

Dark Anime The Promised Neverland

Set in an orphanage, the Promised Neverland has elements of horror mixed in a sci-fi world. The orphanage kids live happy and healthy lives, and everything is normal. This changes when the three oldest kids of the orphanage discover the ultimate truth.

They get to know about their isolated existence, and we can’t stop binging on the highly dark revelations of this anime. The series of events is dark and dusty, moving from a peaceful set-up to a horrifying one.

This dark anime is full of anticipation and will leave you surprised by the events and crispy portrayals of feelings. 

13) Tokyo Ghoul

Dark Anime Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a classic story, but it’s not dull. Check out this one if you want to watch some violence, blood, and monsters. The storyline mainly consists of ghouls, humanoid species that eat humans; special agents hunt them.

This anime explores prejudice, bigotry, loss, literal racism, and questionable morals. There is a lot of darkness in this evil world of Tokyo Ghoul, so make sure you are ready for it! 

14) Vampire Hunter D

Dark Anime Vampire hunter D

With a dark storyline, this anime is a must-watch for fans who love creepy and horrifying elements. It revolves around D, who is half-human and half-vampire. The adventures begin when he hunts for his father, wiping out all the ‘nobility.’

We witness intense science fiction and a post-apocalyptic nightmare in this one. There is dark fantasy, occult sciences, and folklore too! The two films of this dark anime are enough to give us goosebumps! 

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15) Happy Sugar Life

Dark Anime Happy Sugar Life

Descend into the world of mental illness and manipulation because this is what Happy Sugar Life is about! This series is not for sensitive people since there is a lot of gruesome content. Satou Matsuzaka appears to be an ordinary harmless girl, but she has a lot of disturbing secrets.

This girl who sleeps with a new boy every time falls in love with a young child and develops feelings like never before. We got goosebumps, did you? 

The story is horrifying, and we recommend it to all those horror lovers. This anime evokes many emotions, including surprise, disappointment, and disapproval. 

16) Another

Dark Anime - Another

This psychological horror anime kept us on our toes throughout the series. Apparently, not even kids are safe here. The episodes develop suspense and keep us entertained with the dark world where we can’t contemplate who is dead. Koichi befriends Misaki after he is transferred to a new school.

Little did he know, his life would turn into chaos as he stepped into this world of death, sorrow, and remorse. We loved the mystery and supernatural elements of this dark anime.

17) Paranoia Agent

Dark Anime Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent has plenty of moments that will creep you out. Each episode is set from a different victim’s perspective giving us insights into human drama. The main character is a serial killer who kills his victims with a bent baseball bat.

We observe how people suffer from fear, despair, and mental illness since it highlights the psychological aspects of such human behavior. This anime is a mix of reality and fiction, and it is more than sufficient to shake up our bones. 

And here we conclude this list with these must-watch dark anime series that will terrify you! We loved the suspense, thrill, and supernatural horrors each anime offered. No wonder they are such a fan-favorite. If it’s the weekend or your vacation, play any of these, and you will surely binge-watch to unveil the secrets.

With these dark anime, you will be hooked on the storyline with gore and astonishing elements. Let us know if we still need to include any of your favorite dark, vicious, and evil anime!

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