Top 10 Best Female Demon Slayer Characters Of All Time!

Top 10 Best Female Demon Slayer Characters Of All Time!

Anime fans have long been enchanted with the fantastical world of Demon Slayer, where swords and supernatural powers clash together in a deadly battle against evil. From the fierce and powerful Nezuko Kamado to the ever-so-charming Kanao Tsuyuri, these female characters have become an iconic part of the modern anime culture.

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at some of the best female Demon Slayer characters of all time, discussing their unique traits and achievements that make them so popular. So sharpen your swords; it’s time to count down the top 10 best female Demon Slayer characters!

Top 10 Best Demon Slayer Female Characters

1) Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado is an anime character from the popular show Demon Slayer. She is a young girl who was turned into a demon but still retains her kind and gentle nature. Nezuko has long dark hair, wears a traditional kimono with a pink obi sash, and carries a bamboo sword to protect herself and her brother Tanjiro. Despite being small in stature, she possesses immense strength due to her demonic transformation.

Nezuko is incredibly loyal and caring towards those she loves and will do anything for them – even if it means putting herself in danger! She also has an impressive level of resilience, as demonstrated when she managed to survive multiple battles against powerful demons despite being severely injured each time.

2) Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri

`Kanao Tsuyuri is another female anime character from Demon Slayer. She is strong-willed and determined, and she never backs down in the face of danger. Kanao is fiercely loyal to her friends, protecting them at all costs when they are threatened by demons or humans alike.
Kanao has incredible strength that allows her to take on even the toughest opponents with ease.

She wields a razor-sharp katana to deliver lethal blows that send her targets into oblivion with one hit. Her speed and agility also give her an edge in battle, making it difficult for enemies to keep up with her movements.

3) Daki


Daki is one of the most powerful female characters in the Demon Slayer franchise. She is a member of the Twelve Kizuki, a team of powerful demons that serves as Muzan Kibutsuji’s personal bodyguard squad. Daki has an inhuman strength that surpasses even her fellow Kizuki members and wields a giant katana with incredible skill.

Her calm and composed attitude often belies her immense power and fierce determination to protect Muzan’s interests at all costs. Despite this, she also shows kindness toward lower-ranking demons loyal to her master. Her loyalty to Muzan and fearlessness in battle make her a formidable foe for any demon slayer.

4) Tamayo


Tamayo is one of the few female characters in the Demon Slayer franchise. A former human doctor and alchemist, she left her old life to join Muzan Kibutsuji’s organization, becoming one of his most trusted followers. Tamayo is highly intelligent and a master of medicinal concoctions that can heal or greatly enhance her fellow demons. She has a sadistic sense of humor and a cold, inquisitive personality that make her a formidable opponent for any demon slayer.

Her relentless pursuit of knowledge makes her an invaluable asset to Muzan’s inner circle and a dangerous threat to anyone who stands in their way. Tamayo is truly an unstoppable force; her presence alone brings destruction and chaos wherever she goes.

5) Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji

Possessing both extraordinary physical and mental strength, Mitsuri Kanroji is an exemplary heroine from the Demon Slayer universe. As a member of the prestigious Hashira corps, her beauty might have earned her the title of “Love Pillar.” With a remarkable ability to mend even severe injuries in no time, she can easily turn back any enemy’s attack.

Not only that but also Mitsuri has proven herself more than capable in debates thanks to her quick-wittedness and sharp mind. Her courageous sense of justice and kindheartedness make everyone adore this powerful female character!

6) Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho is an insect hashira and one of the strongest warriors in the Demon Slayer Corps. Beyond her impressive physical strength, Shinobu possesses prodigious intelligence and swift thinking that helps her uphold justice – protecting those who cannot protect themselves from evil forces.

Her signature weapon is a Nichirin Blade, whose power source comes directly from sunlight! Flitting around like a butterfly with her wings, Shinobu can swiftly engage enemies in close-combat or mid-range battles.

7) Suma


Suma is an iconic character from the Demon Slayer franchise. As Muzan Kibutsuji’s most veteran follower, she has unbeatable swordsmanship and commands great respect among her peers. Suma carries a peaceful yet confident presence that can even stay unfazed in life-threatening situations. Her incredible instincts and astute analysis allow her to predict any enemy movements before they happen.

In addition to being an extraordinary combatant, She also possesses strong justice values, making her a powerful ally for fellow demon slayers. Despite having tremendous strength as a warrior, Suma still radiates kindness with abundant generosity towards others whenever possible.

8) Mother Spider Demon

Mother Spider Demon

The Mother Spider Demon is a formidable female villain from the Demon Slayer franchise. She is an ancient and powerful demon who controls a massive army of spiders. Her immense strength and fierce determination pose a great threat to all demon slayers. But her true power lies in her ability to manipulate those around her with a combination of charm and intimidation. Despite being a ruthless killer, the Mother Spider Demon is surprisingly perceptive; she recognizes courage and loyalty, even among her enemies.

Her understanding of human nature makes her an unpredictable yet powerful enemy that can only be matched by the strongest swordsmen.

9) Hinatsuru


In the Demon Slayer franchise, Hinatsuru stands out as an absolute powerhouse. She is one of the most powerful swordsmen in her village and possesses a razor-sharp intellect and unyielding resolve to protect her people from harm. No matter how daunting or insurmountable the enemy may be, Hinatsuru will take them on with grace and efficiency.

That’s not all; beneath that tough exterior lies immense kindness – demonstrated by gestures such as showing genuine compassion towards others and never hesitating to put herself at risk for their safety.

10) Susamaru


Susamaru’s small stature and youthful age are deceptive – she is one of the most formidable warriors in her series. She wields a pair of blades with incredible skill, speed, and strength, making her an invaluable member of the demon hunters’ team. Despite often appearing frightened when confronted by dangerous foes, Susamaru never falters; instead, displaying remarkable courage as she fearlessly faces every threat head-on to safeguard those near her from harm.

Demon Slayer has become one of the most beloved anime series in recent years, and its characters are some of the best we have seen. Out of all these amazing characters, there is no doubt that female Demon Slayers stand out from the crowd. From powerful swordsmen like Tanjiro Kamado to skilled warriors such as Kanao Tsuyuri, each character brings something unique to the table.

These Top Female Demon Slayer Characters showcase various personalities and abilities, making them incredibly memorable for fans everywhere. Whether it’s their determination or strength, these women prove time and again why they deserve our admiration – making them some of the greatest heroes in anime history!

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