Hunter x Hunter Manga Release Date And All You Need To Know

Hunter x Hunter Manga Release Date And All You Need To Know

The much-awaited Hunter x Hunter Manga now has an official release date of October 24. This is excellent news for all manga fans as it has been almost four years; the manga will return in the 47th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump publication this year.

Furthermore, Viz Media stated that the new chapters would be simulpub in the English version of Shonen Jump on October 23 (EDT), and that the past chapters of the manga have been transferred to the publication’s online vault.

Hunter x Hunter Anime Series will also release a special promo video on October 28, 2022, which will be streamed via Shonen Jump’s YouTube Channel. The series’ renowned heroes, Gon and Killua, will be making an awesome appearance in the trailer.

The manga volume will be released on November 4, and it presently contains ten chapters (381-390) that have yet to be published in a collected book edition.

Hunter x Hunter Manga Release Date And Details

The Hunter x Hunter Manga Release date as of October 24, and beginning October 23, fresh chapters will be available for subscribers to read on Viz Media. However, the three most current parts are always freely available for reading by anybody.

In a similar spirit, all episodes of Hunter x Hunter were made available today via the Shonen Jump digital vault. This means that every volume from 1 to 390 is presently available for reading on the Viz Media website, allowing fans and new readers to close the gap before the new content arrives.

Although membership is required to read each chapter, the first three chapters of the series are free to anybody. Togashi stated in Weekly Shonen magazine that he had completed early sketches for ten chapters, which is the standard number for a volume.

He had joked at the time that he had completed seven manuscripts out of the ten chapters. He has subsequently kept the account updated with hints of the chapters’ progress. He did not say when the chapters would be released.

Manga Series Features And New Details

According to reports, Akane Banashi will be on the cover of the 47th edition of Weekly Shonen Jump. Meanwhile, Hunter x Hunter and Undead Unluck will each get a colored issue, with Undead Unluck’s page count increasing to 23 in the 47th edition.

The same information was revealed in Weekly Shonen Jump edition 46, which had Sakamoto Days on the cover. Given that Akane Banshi had a colored page in edition 46 but will be on the cover of issue 47, HxH fans should expect a color page of the series in the upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

From the outset, the series recreated the tale of Togashi’s original manga. The plot follows Gon Freecs as he seeks to become and train as a Hunter to find his dad and discover why his dad left him as a newborn for him to become a Hunter. Crunchyroll broadcasted the series live as it aired in Japan.

Gon and Killua

We can presume that Madhouse’s promotional film will be made based on the news. The promotional video’s material may be assumed to be a combination of Gon and Killua, as fans expect the comeback of Gon and Killua’s voice actors.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the unique PV soon.

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