Best Isekai Anime With OP MC – Top 20 Overpowered Characters

Best Isekai Anime With OP MC - Top 20 Overpowered Characters

If you’re looking for some of the best isekai anime with op mc, then you have come to the right place. Isekai anime is very popular nowadays because there is no resemblance to reality, making it quite interesting to watch. Isekai means an entirely different world. It’s a type of fantasy anime where the characters move from one world to another or from one identity to another.

These types of series are also notoriously famous for having overpowered characters. You’d be amazed to see some of the action scenes going on. The genre goes beyond reality, and anime fans have shown much love to the isekai anime genre.

When it comes to selecting the best and the right isekai anime to watch, you can get a little confused as there are numerous series from which you would have to choose. You may like some, and you may also dislike a few.

But where do you start? So, for that purpose, we have created a list of the best isekai anime with op mc that you will definitely love.

Top 20 Isekai Anime With OP MC That Are A Must Watch

We have compiled this list of the best isekai anime with op mc, with a total of twenty anime series that are a must-watch. We’ve also included a little background story of each character to make it simpler for viewers to understand and grasp its concept.

20) In Another World With My Smartphone 

Isekai anime with op mc - In Another World With My Smartphone

This isekai anime has a strange name with a peculiar comic plot. Touya Mochizuki, our anime protagonist, dies mistakenly, and God, to compensate, gives him a rebirth in another realm with physical and magical attributes. Additionally, God also gives him his old smartphone back with its features at his fingertips. What follows is a hilarious set of events giving you all the tickles and giggles you’d need. 

19) Stigma Of The Wind 

Isekai anime with op mc - Stigma Of The Wind

This is one of those isekai anime with op mc that has a tragic storyline. The protagonist here, unlike other Isekai, isn’t gifted with powers, and at 18 years our hero Kazuma Kannagi isn’t overpowered and gets his ass kicked by a 12-year-old girl. And you know that after some years, he comes back with power. If you like the underdog becoming the hero, it’s a sure-shot watch. 

18) Dr. Stone 

Isekai anime with op mc - Dr. Stone

If you want to watch a build-up of a post-apocalyptic world, you can watch this anime without a doubt. Quite popular, and you might have already seen it. But Ishigami Senku and physical strength? The guy might not be built well, but he has a brain that overpowers everyone else. Sometimes the brain may take you to places and give you a position that muscles can never. 

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17) The Disastrous Life Of Siki K 

Isekai anime with op mc - The Disastrous Life Of Siki K

A high school student born with psychokinesis and teleportation powers is what this isekai anime with op mc is about. It falls in the comedy category. Our protagonist Saiki Kusuo is born with these powers making him overpowered in a rather ordinary world. Join him on his journey of hiding his powers and finally being able to make friends in high school 

16) Chivalry Of A Failed Knight 

Isekai anime with op mc - Chivalry Of A Failed Knight

Sometimes I want to meet the person who coined these names. Anywho, our hero, Ikki Kurogane, is a good-for-nothing guy and is often termed the “worst one.” But as always, he is the hero he needs to be powerful! So, throughout the anime, he becomes stronger to the point of becoming overpowered. If you want romance in a fiction rightly done, this anime series is a treat for you. 

15) The Devil As A Part-Timer 

Isekai anime with op mc - The Devil As A Part-Timer

Well, with this increase in inflation, everyone should have something part-time. Good humor. A devil living among humankind makes our protagonist the overpowered character by default. And then, as he has lost some of his power living on the earth, he decides to work at Mgronald, famously known as McDonald’s.

A devil serving you your happy meal, ironic? The devil won’t be accepted as a hero, right, so we have a hero, and you will see the lives of these isekai anime with op mc characters getting clubbed together to present you with a happy meal of laughs throughout. 

14) The Misfit Of Demon King’s Academy 

Isekai anime with op mc - The Misfit Of Demon King's Academy

Our protagonist Anos Voldigoad has previously served as the King of the Demon world. But plot twist, he makes a deal to sacrifice his life to ensure peace between humans and demons. He wakes up, after 2000 years, to a different world than he initially knew.

You can watch him on his journey as he continues to prove himself as a king and be the most powerful of demons with one lily, one obstacle — graduating the Demon King Academy. 

13) Seven Sense Of The Re’Union 

Isekai anime with op mc - Seven Sense Of The Re'Union

The seven senses of the reunion is an isekai anime with op mc that comes with many questions and doubts regarding its plot; the protagonist, Haruto’s character, can’t be overseen when we talk about the overpowering main characters. You may dislike or even hate the plot, but you cannot deny the powers of Haruto.

Haruto stands out amongst the six best players and can defeat any of them without using weapons. This is a great time pass anime series that we would recommend watching. 

12) No Game, No Life 

Isekai anime with op mc - No Game, No Life

Well, all the gamers would agree. Sora and Shiro are siblings who never leave each other’s side. They both are smart, but they get stronger together. They get transported to another world where they have to fight the gods. But as they are our protagonists, they are overpowering, beating the gods just like ordinary humans. A sibling duo so fierce will be a treat to watch. Get your sibling and a popcorn tub, and try this anime. 

11) Soul land 

Isekai anime with op mc - Soul land

An action-packed isekai anime with op mc and an adaptation of a Chinese novel, Soul land, follows the journey of the protagonist Tang San. He is the greatest martial artist alive. But then he dies. But hey! He is our hero; we cannot let him die so soon, right? So he is incarnated, but this time with the weakest combat spirit.

But this man fetches his previous life memories and becomes the overpowering character he was to become the greatest spiritual master of all time. If you are into martial arts and love a bit of history added to it, this anime is for you. 

10) Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks 

Isekai anime with op mc - Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks

I am telling you, these names keep getting better. A fantasy-theme game world isekai follows the story of a mother-son duo. Both of them are our protagonists. Mamako, the mother, is shown as an extremely affectionate and loving mother. But this is the reason why she is always in trouble with her son.

But when she is sent to the gaming world, she is presented with the two most potent swords. Masato, the son, has a new dilemma to handle: a doting mother with the two most powerful swords. 

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9) How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 

Isekai anime with op mc - How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

We can learn a trick or two and up our anime game with this isekai anime with op mc. Our protagonist Diablo (real name: Takuma Sakamoto), is summoned to the gaming world and made to play the part of his in-game character Diablo. Diablo is the true Demon King overpowering anyone. A villain that never dies could have been a good name too, but oh well. Please give it a watch. 

8) Wise Man’s Grandchild 

Isekai anime with op mc - Wise Man's Grandchild

Shin Wolford dies for an unknown reason and is reincarnated as Merlin Wolford’s (the most powerful magician in the universe) grandson. Shin has powers, but he doesn’t know the extent of his powers, and so follows the story of an extremely powerful man unknown of the entire potential of his powers. 

7) Noragami 

Isekai anime with op mc - Noragami

Kudos! We found an Isekai anime with op mc that has a one-word title. Do I sound obsessed with anime names more than anime? A supernatural anime where our protagonist’s soul can slip out of her body after an unfateful. Now I really find that cool, but it is slightly weird.

This gives her access to the world where demons reside, and in your typical go-to anime story, our girl Hiyori Ikk(yes, the main character is a female) makes friends with God and a sword which is the form of a human soul or vice versa.

It’s for you to decide. They become a trio then, inseparable going on trips, fighting against the world along the way, etc. The third season is on its way so if you like the plot, watch it right away and then wait for the new season like us. 

6) Marchen Awakens Romance 

Isekai anime with op mc - Marchen Awakens Romance

Are you one of those people who cannot see without glasses? I can’t, and neither can our protagonist, Ginta Tiramizu. He is physically weak and has no hero attributes, but this guy is a dreamer. Every night this guy dreams about a fictional world until one day, it finally comes true.

He is transported to a world just like the one he imagined in his dreams. But here, he was powerful, strong, and, to cut it short, overpowering. He also has access to magical weapons.

This isekai anime with op mc and its fictional world’s mystery will keep you engaged. But as many in the fictional world want him dead, our overpowering hero soon realizes he has to find a way back home. Give this anime a watch, and I promise you will love it. 

5) Log Horizon

Isekai anime with op mc - Log Horizon

Quite a few anime are dedicated to the game world. An update of the game changes the lives of many as they are compelled to become their game avatars. The update has trapped them in the game world. But there can be only one protagonist, right? Ours is Shiroe. He is not overpowered in the beginning.

He gradually becomes one because of leveling up and upgrading himself with his two mates in the game. If you are a gamer, you should definitely give this one a watch. 

4) Gate 

Isekai anime with op mc - Gate

This isekai anime with op mc is an adaptation of a famous novel. Honestly, it is a science fiction genre that is a lot less explored for the isekai anime category. It follows a serious theme. A portal opens up into modern Japan, where Tokyo is destroyed by the warriors that came out of it.

Yoji Itami, our protagonist, is sent to the other side of the portal to investigate and go into the depth of the matter. Join the protagonist’s journey of saving Japan and the entire world. 

3) Cautious Hero 

Isekai anime with op mc - Cautious Hero

The title gives it away. Our hero is a hero, aka overpowered but still cautious. Seiya Ryuguin is our main character, who has all the powers but is careful about getting himself into battles. Well, when he is summoned to the gaming world to destroy the demon king, it changes the course of the story. We have a hero who can defeat the demon king but is cautious of fights. It was surely an interesting watch for me. 

2) The Saga Of Tanya The Evil 

Isekai anime with op mc - The Saga Of Tanya The Evil

A man doesn’t believe in God, and we get this anime. Tanya is a man who doesn’t believe in God. He gets killed by an employee and then questioned by God for his lack of faith. They get into an endless argument, and God reincarnates him as a 13-year-old girl named Loli, who is in the middle of the war.

But our protagonist isn’t the one to give up. She honed her skills and became a fierce beast known for being ruthless. She crushes all her enemies without hesitation. Well, do you want more reasons to start watching this isekai anime with op mc?

1) The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime 

Isekai anime with op mc - The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Well, people get reincarnated as people or other living things, but our protagonist has decided to be reincarnated as a slime. And you guessed right; it is an overpowered slime in the slimy world. Our protagonist Satoru Mikami is killed and reincarnated as a slime. He has the power to absorb skills by devouring things.

And lo and behold, we have monsters and demons who want to destroy slime, yes, slime, and our protagonist fights them while making allies with a dragon who names him Rimuru Tempest.

This isekai anime with op mc is the definition of the heights fantasies can go to. It is rather popular, so what are you waiting for if you haven’t watched it?

As our list of the top isekai anime ends, we hope you had a fun time going through and reading our selected series. We might have missed some of them, but there can always be another list. Let us know if we still need to include some significant series and how many you have watched till now in the comments section below.


1) Who Is The Most Powerful Isekai MC?

Well, the most powerful isekai mc would be Rimuru Tempest from the isekai anime. I got reincarnated as a slime. 

2) What Is The Highest-Rated Isekai Anime?

The highest-rated anime is The time I got reincarnated as a slime. 

3) What Genre Is Overpowered MC?

The most overpowered mc is in the genre of Isekai anime. 

4) What Is The Best Reverse Isekai?

The best reverse isekai anime would be Hinamatsuri. 

5) What Percentage Of Anime Is Isekai?

According to Crunchyroll, 20% of anime released in 2021 were isekai, I.e., every one in five anime releases was isekai.

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