Top 10 Best Manhwa Like Solo Leveling That You Cannot Miss!

Top 10 Best Manhwa Like Solo Leveling That You Cannot Miss!

Suppose you’re a fan of Manhwa Like Solo Leveling and its captivating plot packed with spectacular battles and strong characters. In that case, you might wonder if there are more manhwa with comparable plots out there. The good news is that they do exist! In this section, we will discuss some of the best options for manhwas featuring powerful heroes, exciting battle sequences, or profound magical skills.

While they do not have the same plot as Solo Leveling, they are worth checking out if you want to see more manhwa. Chugong’s Solo Leveling is a popular internet novel in South Korea. It was serialized on KakaoPage before being released by D&C Media.

The book has gotten a lot of attention and has even been licensed for English publication under the title Only I Level Up. Solo Leveling is a wonderful pick if you appreciate manhwa and are looking for a decent read. So, let’s get started on our list of the finest manhwa like solo leveling!

Top 10 Manhwa Like Solo Leveling That Are Must Watch (Top Picks)

Our Anime experts have diligently compiled this list of the best manhwa like solo leveling, having a total of 10 anime series that are a must-watch. We’ve also included a little background story of each series to make it simpler for viewers to understand and grasp its concept.

10) The God Of High School

Manhwa Like Solo Leveling The God Of High School

If you enjoyed the manhwa The God of High School but were let down by the anime adaptation, you may wonder if the original is still worth seeing. The answer is undoubtedly yes! The manhwa tells the complete, uncensored narrative of Jin Mori and his pals as they compete in martial arts and confront greater challenges and adversaries.

The characters in the manhwa are extremely powerful, having abilities comparable to Sung Jin-Woo from Solo Leveling. So, if you’re seeking more intense action and strong characters, check out The God of High School manhwa.

9) The Legend of Northern Blade

Manhwa like solo leveling The Legend of Northern Blade

If you enjoyed Solo Leveling and are looking for more manhwa with intense action and powerful characters, you should try Northern Blade. In this manhwa, the world is plunged into darkness by the “Silent Night,” prompting martial artists from all over to come together and form the “Northern Heavenly Sect.” The Silent Night is pushed back, and peace is restored thanks to the sect’s strength.

However, other martial artists begin to plot against the sect, eventually causing the death of the Fourth Generation Sect Leader, Jin Kwan-Ho, and effectively destroying the sect. Jin Kwan-Ho’s son, Jin Mu-Won, is the only one who remains, and he must learn the martial arts techniques his father left behind to protect himself and the mysterious girl who appears before him.

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8) The Second Coming Of Gluttony

Manhwa Like Solo Leveling The Second Coming Of Gluttony

The Second Coming Of Gluttony is an excellent manhwa like solo leveling where Xing Bairong, the lead character, has to make some tough decisions. His life couldn’t get any stranger until he was resurrected, thanks to a mysterious relic. His second coming brought with it an unquenchable hunger and the ability of gluttony.

A power that enables him to consume any living thing for knowledge and strength! This supernatural phenomenon quickly catches the attention of powerful forces across the land; friend or foe? Xing sets out on a quest like no other: one filled with danger, secrets, discoveries…and plenty more surprises along the way as he seeks both understanding AND redemption by mastering The Second Coming Of Gluttony.

7) Dungeon Reset

Manhwa Like Solo Leveling Dungeon-Reset

If you’re looking for a manhwa like solo leveling adventure with a unique and imaginative tale, Dawoon’s Reset is for you. Dawoon’s regular existence is flipped upside down in this series when he is summoned to the Dungeon, where he must escape terrifying enemies and traps despite having no combat abilities.

However, after falling into a trap and somehow surviving, he obtains a random but curiously helpful set of powers. Dawoon sets out to complete the game and return home with the assistance of a violent magician and an endearing ground squirrel, but he quickly realizes that the rules no longer apply to him. What adventures await him in the passageways below? Only you can find out.

6) The Boxer

Manhwa Like Solo Leveling The Boxer

This manhwa like solo leveling was serialized in 2019 and is available on webtoon. The story of this manhwa consists of Yu, a talented and competent fighter who swiftly advances through the ranks of the boxing world. Despite his inexperience in the sport, Yu effortlessly overcomes seasoned and recognized boxers due to his amazing ability.

Yu continues to surprise with his grace and fighting prowess while training under the great teacher K. Through its contrasted characters, the story examines the subject of hard labor against raw talent, and fans of the One-Punch Man series may enjoy its comparable aesthetic and concepts. We highly suggest you give The Boxer a read.

5) Versatile Mage

Manhwa Like Solo Leveling Versatile Mage

The Versatile Mage is another great manhwa like solo leveling that tells the story of Mo Fan, a little girl who inherits a magical necklace and awakens to find the world has altered around her. Magic is now taught in secondary schools, and students are encouraged to become excellent wizards.

While much has changed, Mo Fan still confronts many of the same obstacles, such as a teacher who perceives her as a hopeless student, classmates who all look the same, a suffering father, and a younger sister who cannot walk alone.

On the other hand, Mo Fan quickly discovers that she is a versatile magician capable of channeling several aspects of magic, an uncommon and powerful skill. She must encounter difficulties and make decisions impacting her future as a wizard as she navigates this new realm of magic.

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4) The Beginning After The End

Manhwa Like Solo Leveling The Beginning After The End

The manhwa series Beginning After The End is a fantasy adventure narrative about a guy named King Grey who is reborn as Arthur Leywin on the continent of Dicathen. Arthur rapidly understands the notion of mana thanks to his knowledge of his prior life and becomes a formidable wizard.

The story chronicles his exploits as he explores this new realm, battles frightening adversaries, and meets a fascinating array of characters. TurtleMe, a well-known manhwa writer, wrote the narrative.

3) I Am The Sorcerer King

Manhwa Like Solo Leveling I Am The Sorcerer King

This manhwa like solo leveling is a story about a guy named Lee SungHoon who takes on a risky job – think Batman meets Harry Potter! After being gravely injured by one of the monsters that have been wreaking havoc across humanity, he remembers his past life as Sorcerer King.

With immense magical powers at his disposal and warm memories in tow, Lee is determined to fight back against the menacing evil forces and protect humankind from destruction – all while supporting an ailing mother. Follow this heroic figure on a daring quest for justice like never before: I Am The Sorcerer King will leave you spellbound!

2) Nano Machine

Manhwa Like Solo Leveling Nano Machine

Nano Machine is an excellent manhwa series that recounts the narrative of Cheon Yeo Woon, a character who, like Sung Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling, acquires a unique power-up system known as the Nano Machine. Cheon relentlessly trains and learns extraordinary swordsmanship with the assistance of the Nano Machine.

He eventually rises to the status of Vice-Lord and successor to the throne of the Great Heavenly Demonic Cult. Cheon’s adventure is followed in the series as he uses his newfound power and talents to traverse this new world and defend those around him. Nano Machine, like Solo Leveling, examines the idea of a weak character growing powerful via hard effort and perseverance.

1) Second Life Ranker

Manhwa Like Solo Leveling Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker is one of the best manhwa like solo leveling. It is a fantasy series that covers the narrative of Yeon-woo, who embarks on his adventure after learning of the death of his younger brother. To discover the truth behind his brother’s murder, Yeon-woo must enter the Obelisk, a mysterious tower that bestows magical talents on those who scale it and conquer its difficulties.

Yeon-woo obtains fearsome skills and abilities as he proceeds through the Obelisk, becoming an overpowering protagonist like Sung Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling. Second Life Ranker provides similar experiences and challenges set in a different setting to Solo Leveling lovers, and we can assure you it’s one of the best manhwa’s out there.

Parting Thoughts

Manwha fans don’t need to worry about running out of great series to check out now that Solo Leveling is done. You can definitely watch any of the anime mentioned above. These action-packed series have all the thrill and suspense that mahnwa like solo leveling had, many of which have even better arcs and characters than the original!

So get ready – these are sure to satisfy your craving! Plus, if we’re missing something good from our list, then be sure to let us know in the comments down below.

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