Top 17 Ugly Cartoon Characters Of All Time That Cant Go Unnoticed!

Top 17 Ugly Cartoon Characters Of All Time That Cant Go Unnoticed!

Most of the cartoon characters we grew up watching are an inseparable part of our childhood. We all have our favorite characters that are pretty, attractive, and powerful. But just like those beautifully drawn characters, there are some ugly cartoon characters too! These characters have added spark to their role with their unique appearance, but they’re ugly!

From Quasimodo to Herbert, the pervert, we’ve got all the characters you can think of. So, don’t worry if you’re looking for the ugliest cartoon characters of boys and girls. We have got your back.

Top 17 Ugliest Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Our anime experts have gathered all the useful and important information about the most popular ugly cartoon characters and what makes them so unique and ugly. So, let’s get started with the list!

17) Mr. Macky From South Park

Ugly cartoon character Mr. Macky From South Park

Let’s start our list of ugly cartoon characters with Mr. Macky’s. His ugly characteristics include bizarre eyebrows, round glasses that don’t look good on him, and a pointy nose. His face is weirdly shaped and what makes it weirder is his head, as it has light hair on the sides, and the center portion of his hair makes him look even stranger.

What grabs our attention is that he can’t even speak his name correctly, and even though he is ugly, he is intelligent and well-known among kids. The age of this character is around 40.

His vibrant clothes do not help make him look any better, and his head is enormous for his body, adding a pinch of humor! Some of us find his southern accent funny, which sounds annoying to some people.

16) Beavis & Butthead

Ugly Cartoon Characters Beavis & Butthead

Beavis has beady eyes, and his blonde hair is unsuitable for his face, which makes him look ugly and weird. He also has a massive overbite and a permanent out-to-lunch stare. Butthead is Beavis’s bestfriend. Another characteristic that makes him weird is his nasal voice which makes him sound funny, and on top of that, he ends every sentence with a very annoying laugh.

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15) Olive Oyl From Popeye The Sailor

Ugly Cartoon Character Olive Oyl From Popeye The Sailor

Olive Oyl is another ugly cartoon character on our list, but her personality signifies inner beauty. Even though she does not look appealing, men constantly chase her. She is kind and caring, always ready to help her friends. One of the main reasons why she looks so ugly is because of her poor posture and her facial structure.

Her round head and unattractive hair degrade her appearance as well. Her expressions and body language come off as funny. But above all, she is known to be beautiful from within.

14) Hades From Hercules

Ugly Cartoon Character Hades From Hercules1

Hades is another cartoon character from Hercules. We are not talking about the Greek mythological deity. We are talking about this ugly cartoon character who is a villain in the cartoon world. He is a fiery-tempered god and very resentful towards the Gods of Olympus, who are happy, joyful, and carefree. His evil nature is justified since he is the god of dead people and hell.

All this gloominess is rooted deep within his soul. His bluish-grey skin and pointed teeth make him look scary. His orange eyes add to his horror. Hades has blue messed up the hair of flames. He is proof that horror comes from within the body before it appears on the face.

His nondescript black dress amplifies his evilness. His anger terrifies us, his skin turns red, and his hair turns yellow-red flames.

13) Queen Of Hearts From Alice In Wonderland

Ugly Cartoon Character Queen Of Hearts From Alice In Wonderland

Lewis Caroll wrote Alice in Wonderland, and the animated version perfectly portrays this ugly cartoon character. Straight out from Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts is a tyrant ruler. Her obnoxious rules make her appear very grumpy. She rules over Wonderland, and no doubt, her looks are terrifying.

Her quick temper makes the matter worse. This chubby woman has weirdly shaped eyebrows and a big mouth. Her nose is quite significant for her face, making her look weird.

Her dress sense is debatable since all she wears is bright red and black gowns. Owing to her bad temper, this obnoxious woman orders the execution of her subjects over petty issues.

12) Jafar From Aladdin

Ugly Cartoon Character Jafar From Aladdin

Aladdin is a viral feature film, and Jafar is the main antagonist here. He is presented as the Sultan’s most loyal and trusted advisor. He is portrayed as an immoral psychopath. He never hesitates to destroy anyone, and he appears as an untrustworthy person due to his facial features.

Like all psychopaths, he portrays himself as an ordinary and incredible schemer. This helps him gain our trust but does not spare him from our list of ugly cartoon characters.

11) Mother Gothel From Rapunzel

Ugly Cartoon Character Mother Gothel From Rapunzel

Mother Gothel is an excellent manipulator. Her intelligence evokes many emotions in our hearts. In the movie Rapunzel, she was an actress before discovering the magical flower. She was kind and loving to Rapunzel most of the time. But all of this was because of her interest in staying young.

She can be seen dramatically flaunting her youth, beauty, and curvy appearance. Her enthusiasm is provoking until the actual motive surfaces. Her selfishness and extreme manipulation make her the antagonist.

She strives to do whatever to keep herself young and beautiful. This drive to be pretty and young makes her an ugly human being.

10) Phil From Hercules

Ugly Cartoon Character Phil From Hercules

This ugly cartoon character known as Phil is a goat-man, i.e., half-man and half-goat in Hercules. He is here on our list because of his chubby and short body. His temper is also problematic, and only Hercules can deal with it.

His round eyes and devilish smile can make any kid terrified. His half-goat characters make him look very ugly. He was a trainer of heroes in ancient Greece, including Jason, Perseus, Theseus, Achilles, and Odysseus. None of it worked out despite his hard work.

9) Drizella Tremaine And Anastasia Tremaine From Cinderella

Ugly Cartoon Character Drizella Tremaine And Anastasia Tremaine

Have you seen the movie Cinderella? Yes? We all have! And apparently, we all know these two vicious step sisters. Their big feet and giant mouths make them appear ugly. They are known for their jealousy, due to which they ruined Cinderella’s pretty dress. Their jealousy overpowers them, and it’s a good reminder to be happy in our place.

They hate Cinderella to the point of troubling her in every possible way. They consider themselves very pretty, which we know is false. They are ugly not only because of their face but because of their evil personalities.

They are greedy and care the least about someone, and as a result, they are never happy being who they are.

8) Peppermint Patty From The Peanuts

Ugly Cartoon Character Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty from The Peanuts is an ugly cartoon character, and you will agree if you’ve watched her! Although this character is entirely fictional, her personality is relatable to many. She never listens to anyone, and her stubborn nature makes everyone annoyed. Her appearance is unattractive, as mentioned by many viewers.

Her prominent nose makes her look very weird. And they say this all the time. She blames her mistakes on others and thus amplifies the troubles. Her individualistic character and bizarre appearance make her look ugly, unattractive, and annoying.

7) Professor Farnsworth From Futurama

Ugly Cartoon Character Professor Farnsworth From Futurama

Farnsworth is a character in Futurama who is over 150 years old. Thousands of wrinkles laced his face. His thick eyelashes make his face daunting, and he is always dressed in a lab coat and house slippers. Professor Farnsworth is always heard saying, “good news, everyone!” when he has to deliver any bad news. Could this be any worse? No!

6) Roz From Monsters

Ugly Cartoon Character Roz From Monsters

In the show Monsters, she can be seen as a cranky slug-like monster and the leader of the child detention agency. Her perpetual frown scares the kids. Throughout the film, she is not seen smiling except for bloopers. She is grumpy, maybe because Mike never files the paperwork.

She constantly has to bug him to do his work, making her behavior extra grumpy towards him. Her brownish-yellow skin and grey eyes make her place permanent in the list of our ugly cartoon characters.

Some of her ugly characteristics include light grey dirty hair, her pink lipstick worsening her appearance, and her mole can’t help her look any better.

5) Herbert The Pervert From Family Guy

Ugly Cartoon Character Herbert The Pervert

John Herbert is an elderly pedophile, which is why he is known as Herbert, the pervert. He appears shady and scary, with fallen teeth and little hair on his head. He often makes inappropriate jokes and comments about teenagers. His unhealthy obsession with Chris grabs the audience’s attention. In our opinion, he is the ugliest cartoon character inside and out, without a doubt.

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4) Ursula From Little Mermaid

Ugly Cartoon Character Ursula From Little Mermaid

Ursula is shown as the main antagonist in the film Little Mermaid. Her appearance portrays her character perfectly. Even with a lot of makeup, we can all agree she is one of the most ugly cartoon characters we will remember forever. What makes her like this is that she is a terrifying sea witch, and as we all know, witches are never pretty and decent, and Ursula is not an exception.

Even Prince Eric said she wears too much makeup, referring to her lack of beauty. She uses secrecy and deception to get what she wants. Her selfish nature never lets her be generous, enhancing her daunting personality and appearance.\

3) Edna Mode From Incredibles

Ugly Cartoon Character Edna Mode From Incredibles

Although Edna is assumed to be one of the wealthiest characters in the world of Incredibles, she is ugly and very mean. She designed and created several suits for heroes, yet her own dressing sense is awful. Her brainless outfits and oversized glasses make her stand out from the rest!

She is funny and witty, but her ugliness overpowers all her qualities. Her behavior is demanding and annoying in both The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. She makes us laugh, but we also cringe at her appearance and clothes. Although some people like her character, we don’t!

2) Quasimodo From Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Ugly Cartoon Character Quasimodo From Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Born with several deformities, Quasimodo is one of the ugliest cartoon characters. His hunched back and other deformities make him look weird, marking his presence as a protagonist in the animated feature film, Hunchback of Notre Dame. Even though everyone considers him an ugly cartoon character, he is the sweetest.

He was initially afraid to let anyone see his face. Fans now remember him because of his kindness and the will always to do the right thing. His master raised him in isolation, making him naive to the realities of the world. He could not figure out the true intentions of his master either.

1) Yzma From The Emperor’s New Groove

Ugly Cartoon Character Yzma From The Emperor's New Groove

Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove tops our list of the ugliest cartoon characters! In the film, she is an evil sorceress. Yzma’s spectacle is not only on her face but in her mind too. She makes numerous attempts to kill the emperor, living in her world of jealousy and greed.

Constant stress and tiredness make her look terrifying. Her character is funny, and she is portrayed as a skinny and frail antagonist in the film with a daunting appearance. Yzma is silly, raspy, and power-hungry.

And with these cartoon characters, we will conclude this list and leave it up to you to decide who is the ugliest of them all! While some characters are classified as ugly solely because of their appearance, most are wicked and evil. We often associate qualities like greed, jealousy, and hatred with ugliness.

This helps in differentiating desirable attributes like kindness and honesty. Ugliness does begin from within, but we all have different perceptions of what makes someone unattractive and ugly. So, who do you think is the most unappealing, and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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