Arkansas Tornado Damages Little Rock

Tornado Leaves 40,000 Residents Without Power.

Arkansas was struck by a Tornado Thursday night in parts of Little Rock and its suburbs. The storm passed directly over the local office of the weather service and moved into the city’s northeastern suburbs. Trees were reported down in Jacksonville and Cabot.

The tornado destroyed an airport hangar and flipped over several single-engine planes. A fuel truck was also toppled.

Storm damage was also reported in Benton at a mobile home park and a car dealership whose surveillance camera caught the storm on tape.

No tornado related deaths were reported. Authorities had no precise count Friday morning on the extent of injuries.

Entergy Arkansas, the state’s largest electric utility, requested line workers in neighboring states to stand by to assist. Company spokesman James Thompson said there were 38,500 customers still without power Friday morning, adding, “It’s going to be a long day.”

The storm was part of a weather system that stretched from Texas to New England, where snow fell in some areas.

The Arkansas Tornado contributed to traffic accidents when it passed through the Little Rock metropolitan area of about 500,000 people. A separate storm downed trees at the University of Central Arkansas campus in Conway.

Susann Walters, 55, said she hid in a closet with her two dogs and a cat as the storm approached. “It was probably 30-45 seconds,” Walter said. “It was quick.”

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