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New Hybrid Cars Industry

The auto industry might recover faster than most analysts believe due to the growing demand for the latest fuel efficient cars. Hybrid automakers are building vehicles equipped with components that actually pass gas savings down to the consumer. There is […]

Ford Transit Joins National Grid

Ford Motor Company has reached an agreement with National Grid to provide a fleet of over 3,000 Ford Transit vehicles. The Transit vehicles will be used for service calls and meter maintenance for the next three years. National Grid is […]

Nissan Electric Cars To Launch 2010

Articles - Nissan Electric Cars Enter Mass Production Nissan Motor Co is making serious plans for its initial launch for new electric cars in the United States. It hopes to achieve an annual production of more than 100,000 electric vehicles […]

Ford Unveils Plug-In Hybrid Electric Cars

Articles - Ford Plug-in Hybrid Electric Cars Ford Motor Company unveiled an aggressive plan on Tuesday for delivering a suite of new plug-in hybrid electric cars to the market. Some of the electric vehicles include a pure battery Transit Connect […]

Lexus Hybrid Cars Debut

Articles - Lexus HS 250h Hybrid Debuts Late Summer Lexus Hybrid Cars will begin showing up at dealerships across the country as the new Lexus HS 250h is changing the way we view fuel-efficient vehicles. The automobile will be available […]

Ford Motor Company Unveils Battery Electric Cars

Articles - Ford Motor Enters Battery Electric Car Project Ford Motor Company has unveiled a fleet of new battery electric cars to be used in a new project by the UK government. The Ford battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will be […]

2010 Honda Hybrid Cars

Honda is building new cars to provide consumers with better options for electric and fuel cell technologies. What is more important is that these new automobiles will deliver better mileage than we see today. Some of the vehicles will be […]

Toyota Prius Hybrid Electric Cars

Articles - 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid Details We’ve all seen the commercials on television promoting the new 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid electric car and its fuel efficiency. There’s no doubt that this electric car has one of the best leading […]

Government Incentives For New Cars

Articles - Government Incentives Offer Great Rebates For New Hybrid Cars If you’re thinking about buying a hybrid, this is probably the best time since the government incentives for new cars offer more value than what your trade-in is worth. […]

How Electric Cars Work

Articles - Plug In Electric Cars Require Lithium-ion Batteries Scientists and engineers are inventing new batteries using what’s called lithium-ion chemistry to power electric automobiles. These new developments are remarkable and have the potential to provide consumers a driving range […]

2010 Honda Hybrid

Articles - New 2010 Honda Hybrid Electric Cars Coming The 2010 Honda Hybrid lineup started with the Insight that can deliver better fuel economy than gasoline conventional cars. There are a few Honda vehicles that are making the conversion from […]

Top Cars For 2010

We compiled this independent top cars list for 2010 earlier this summer, but many folks can’t seem to find the original article. We are sending the list out again, however, keep in mind that several hybrid cars that could make […]

Honda Fit Hybrid MPG

The 2010 Honda Fit Hybrid is expected to launch next year with better mileage than its conventional counterpart. Some reports indicate that the Honda Hybrid will achieve 60 to 80 mpg, although this is just speculation. However, it wouldn’t be […]