2010 Fuel Efficient Cars

Articles – 2010 Fuel Efficient Vehicles Prepare Consumers For Higher Gas Prices

Next year seems to be all about gas mileage as 2010 fuel efficient cars are coming to market at a rapid pace. For the consumer, there are legitimate reasons behind purchasing a new hybrid or electric vehicle as way to save money on gas prices. The auto industry and the global economy relies on oil, but most countries depend too much on foreign oil and are subject to rising prices whenever OPEC decides to cut production.

In 2010, hybrids will be everywhere, and the automakers know it. This is not a bad time for the auto industry, it’s a time of opportunity, which will have some impact in the economic recovery.

Gas prices are currently lower now due to the recession, but economics predict that it will go right back up again like it did in 2008. This will certainly happen when the economy starts picking up again. We could see a price of $4.00 or $5.00 per gallon, and even when the prices were that high in 2008, OPEC wanted to cut production to make the price go even higher.

Nearly every economist on record has stated that current petroleum prices are artificially deflated due to the soft world economy. Early in the coming recovery, we will see higher gas prices. This article isn’t meant to draw fears or to scare anyone, this is just a fact, and consider this point in time a grace period before the economy picks back up again.

There are naysayers that don’t believe that hybrid or electric vehicles are the way to go. They also believe that the hybrid revolution is more about hype and not saving money for the consumer. This debate is long, but it doesn’t do anything but start arguments over a calculator.

High gas prices and economic uncertainty have soured American consumers on big vehicles. This is why the new vehicles, compact and hybrid, are in high demand. Some people actually do buy the vehicles to help the environment, but most want a financial rescue and preparation when the cost at the pump rises again.

Some people think that a hybrid vehicle will be used to fight against oil prices. Unfortunately, OPEC is already committed to cutting production and raising the price. They see the market changing, and they know that most hybrid vehicles coming to market still use a gasoline engine for power at higher speeds and to recharge the battery pack.

The price of diesel was once lower than the price of unleaded gas. Diesel itself isn’t even a future solution for fuel economy. The only solution is electric power and major utility companies are already planning new grids in local and major cities.

These grids will be used by the consumer to plug-in their hybrid or electric car. In addition, electric companies are getting ready to meet the higher demand for excessive usage when plug-in vehicles become available. These plug-in electric hybrids can use any standard home outlet to recharge the automobile.

The future is going to be more about saving gas than how much we can save by driving compact sedans. There really isn’t any substitute other than electricity and solar. The new fuel efficient cars will offer the same comfort and luxury as their conventional counterparts.

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