2010 Honda Fit Hybrid

2010 Honda Fit Hybrid

2010 Honda Fit Hybrid Version For $15,800

The schedule release for the 2010 Honda Fit Hybrid has been pushed up a year and a half. The Fit Hybrid will release in the Fall of 2010 instead of the Spring of 2012. Honda didn’t say exactly why they made this change, but this is good news for consumers looking for a hybrid car with a target price of just $15,800.

Honda Fit will be advertised as a “hybrid for everyone” in a future marketing campaign. The automaker is wanting to add more Honda Hybrids in an effort to become more competitive in the market. Electric cars are also in hot demand right now in Japan and the United States.

One other thing that’s interesting to note is that Honda has announced it will team up with Japanese firm GS Yuasa to develop new lithium-ion batteries for future Honda hybrids. We’re not sure if lithium-ion batteries will be substituted for the nickel-hydride batteries for the Fit Hybrid. Even so, this is an interesting move by the automaker.

The 2010 hybrid version of the Honda Fit will jump about 9 horsepower and torque will increase as much as 21 lbs-ft. The car will come standard with larger 15 inch wheels while the Sport model will offer 16 inch alloys. There are rumors that a facelift version could include a new front fascia and bumpers, new rear bumper, new side skirts, side mirror mounted indicators/turn signals, rear LED brake light, rear LED third brake lights, body colored housing headlamps and minor interior changes.

The Fit Hybrid is going to provide far better mileage than all other hybrids. The car will be a great buy for the low cost and fuel economy driving. This would make the car the most affordable car with advanced hybrid technologies for the first time.

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