2010 New Cars Kick Out In High Gear

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When it comes to new cars, two things come to mind. The price and the mileage. Don’t expect these brand new cars to be cheap in 2010.

About three months ago, Honda announced that it has moved its schedule up for the 2010 Honda Fit Hybrid by a year and a half. The Fit is a small-compact vehicle that is popular among students and consumers who drive shorter commutes. The hybrid version is expected to get 60 to 80 miles per gallon.

When it comes to domestic electric vehicles, General Motors and Ford are going head-to-head in competition. GM hopes that its Chevy Volt electric car will attract the next-generation of buyers. According to GM, the Volt can achieve up to 230 miles per gallon by only using the gas engine when needed. The Volt will be a plug-in vehicle that can be charged from any standard outlet.

However, Ford offers a better variety that will include the Ford Focus and Ford Escape. It also has the latest commercial van that runs on electric called the Transit. The company is offering a complete fleet of vehicles that range from cars to vans.

Toyota is coming out with its own EV (electric vehicle) that is rather small. Nissan is deploying its own version of a new EV that is similar to the Cube. Honda also has plans to unveil a few electric automobiles in 2010.

New Cars

Cars that are powered by batteries can be good and bad. For example, the vehicles are a great way not to spend money on gas, and they help the environment by emitting zero emissions. They provide excellent transportation for work and to run errands around town such as the grocery store.

However, some of the unseen things that draw concerns are the batteries. When you drive a vehicle that depends only on the battery, this could lead to unexpected mishaps. Suppose you drive a long distance and forgot how you’re going to recharge your vehicle? You could end up stranded somewhere, looking for a public outlet to use, and will have to wait patiently. It could take 3 to 6 hours to complete the battery recharge.

What would happen if you forget to plug-in your brand new car? This could only lead to another excuse on why you’re late for work. This could quickly lead to an inconvenience than having the convenience of owning a gas-free automobile.

This is why a lot of people prefer hybrids over electric because it has a gasoline engine. If the vehicle runs out of power, due to the battery, it will still operate, and you will not be left stranded on some lonely highway. In addition, the gas engine serves the battery as a generator so that it can recharge automatically.

Personally, I wouldn’t get too excited over battery electric vehicles in 2010. Maybe one of the automakers could invent something that could automatically recharge your battery? Perhaps something that you can park on that will keep the battery charged. Wow, this sounds like a good patent to submit.

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