Battery Electric Cars Use Plug-in Power

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Battery electric cars that plug-in from home or work are coming. Consumers will have better electric options starting next year as most automakers are developing cars with cleaner technologies. These battery plug-in vehicles emit zero carbon emissions and literally no gasoline.

While hybrid vehicles are one way to provide consumers an alternative to save time and money at the pump, new electric cars that use plug-in battery technologies can take a recharge from any 110 volt or 220 volt outlet. Moreover, the electric power companies are using alternative energies including solar and wind.

Solar cell technology is improving all the time and the power can even be extracted at night and on cloudy days. Solar panels, solar glass, and solar paint on vehicles will soon contribute power to electric cars and to local grids known as V2G. New vehicles capable of exchanging power with the local grid, charging themselves, or generating power on the fly.

Interesting enough, Chrysler LLC will be producing advanced electric-drive technology packaged in three different next year. The automaker is in the middle of negotiating battery contracts and pushing toward production. Chrysler already has some electric vehicle (EV) experience from a few programs it funded for the past 10 years.

However, the bigger question is about the new Chevy Volt by General Motors Corp. The electric car is supposed to have a driving range of up to 100 miles and is recharged by using home outlets. A 110 volt outlet will take 6 hours to charge, while a 220 volt outlet will take less than 3 hours to complete a full charge.

I don’t know if your local city or county is using electric alternatives, but I’ve been seeing new police vehicles all over the place. These new police cruisers are using hybrid technologies. The joke here is that you can outrun the police on the road, but you can’t outrun their radios.

Most critiques will argue that police cruisers and ambulances in metro areas will need a better range than what current batteries offer today. This brings us back to the GM Volt story. If GM can really make a new electric vehicle that will run on a long-range battery, you can bet that most local city officials will be on the phone to place their orders.

Police Cruisers Switch To Plug-in Electric Cars

Local cities, including large metro population areas, waste much of their budgets of gasoline. Perhaps police officers will use two electric cruisers during their shift in long-range areas. For example, the officer could switch cruisers during mid-shift when they are running low on power.

At this point, we are naming theories and speculating on how the market will change next year. There are many changes and challenges ahead for the automakers. However, these projects are currently advancing as you read this, and it will only be a matter of time before we get behind the wheel of one of these new battery electric cars.

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