Chevy Volt Price

Chevy Volt To Include Revolutionary Auto Technologies

General Motors is secretly building new plug in electric cars and now there are a few clues on what the Chevy Volt price could be. The GM Volt plug-in electric car provides a driving range of up to 40 miles on a single battery charge. However, they are trying to extend that range by studying a new revolutionary propulsion system, which the Volt will use.

The cost of $39,000 has been a figure thrown around a bit but the GM hybrid and its driving range isn’t official. GM is expected to make further announcements later this year on the details. We do know that an electric car prototype is already in production tests.

If the Chevrolet Volt carries a MSRP of $39,000, GM will only break even. The automaker doesn’t expect to earn a profit on its new first generation electric car. Even so, the cost of $39,000 might not convince most consumers, or will it?

Consumers are getting confused about the hybrid and electric car markets. Some automakers have defined their automobiles as “electric cars” when they still use a gasoline engine. Hybrid cars combine the use of a gas engine and electric motor which gets charged by a battery. The Volt is actually called an “extended range vehicle” with no mention of the term hybrid.

In simple terms, there are hybrid cars that are powered by both a gas engine and electric motor, and there are electric cars that only use the gas engine as a generator to charge the battery. Vehicles that use an engine as a generator and often called “electric vehicles” because they are only powered by the electric motor. The GM Volt is considered a hybrid since it uses two forms of energy to power the vehicle.

First generation cars are usually developed for tests. This doesn’t mean the Volt won’t be a great automobile, it will, but this plug in technology is so new that some consumers might wait until the second-generation is released. The second-generation usually fixes any known problems from the original hybrid car.

Engineers at GM once stated that the automaker has the technology to push a car up to 100 miles on a single charge by using a lithium ion battery. However, this does not mean that it will be available in the upcoming Volt. It could determine what the second-generation vehicle might offer.

Even so, a 40 mile electric driving range is decent, no matter how you look at it. This is enough juice to power the car for trips around town or to commute back and forth to work. The Chevy electric car is actually called an extended range vehicle, but it does include a small combustion engine.

The GM Volt does sound promising and the new propulsion system could revolutionize the market. Perhaps this is why General Motors is being so secretive about specifics at this point. The cost for the electric car might be a bit steep for most people, but if can use electricity to power a car for up to 40 miles, it is probably worth the price for the Chevy Volt.

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