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The auto industry is hoping to cash in on a growing market of new electric cars. Electric vehicles use alternative energy in an effort to reduce our dependency for foreign oil. In exchange, consumers will benefit by saving money on gas.

There are several studies done on how much it will cost to run an electric automobile. Moreover, there are countless bloggers filling pages with opinionated postings that often lead to misinformation. Several bloggers claim that they’ve done the math, and it will be more expensive in the long run to own an electric vehicle.

Electric Cars Reduce Emissions

Electric cars have more benefits than just saving money. They offer a solution to reduce emissions, whether you’re a tree hugger or not. We have a big problem with air pollutants around our metropolitan cities. Some health experts have done studies that suggest air pollution could be a reason why children get asthma in metro areas.

The electric auto industry is new, and I doubt anyone will have any answers if alternative energy, including battery power, will save consumers more money than a gasoline car. However, the spike of gas prices rising as they did in 2008 should be enough to inform anyone that an electric vehicle will save more money in the long run.

Do we really want foreign countries to name whatever gas prices will be? The oil ministries are doing it, and if you think prices of $5 per gallon in 2008 were bad, wait until they try and bleed our economy again in the future. We don’t need gas prices set by dictatorship.

Battery Replacement Costs

Some people have stated that the cost for battery replacement alone is about $3,000. However, as demand grows for new lithium-ion batteries, the price is expected to drop. Furthermore, most automakers offer a warranty to cover the battery for up to 10 years.

There is also the debate on what it will cost the average consumer by plug in their vehicle using a standard wall outlet. Some people have indicated that it will run of the electricity bill. The fact is, it will probably cost much less than running a washer and dryer at home.

Charge Point Stations

Standard wall outlets for plug-in electric automobiles provide great convenience. There are a number of electrical grids being installed right now in most cities around the country. These grids, also known as Charge Points, provide consumers with an outlet to plug their vehicle into.

McDonalds and Walmart have made comments that suggest they want to install Charge Point stations in their parking lots. We are a generation that is actually doing something about the environment. We are also that generation that doesn’t see the need to depend so much on foreign oil when there are other ways to meet our transportation needs.

There is probably no perfect solution, but there are possibilities for innovation. We have seen the rapid change and demand for new electric cars in just two years. This technology doesn’t have to change our lives, and it certainly won’t be any inconvenience when we’re not stopping at the pump for gas.

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