Ford Motor Company Electric Vehicles Announced

Ford Expands Electric Portfolio For Motor Company

Ford Motor Company has announced some incredible plans for upcoming battery electric vehicles. The first battery electric Ford Transit Connect will be available next year. Ford Focus will also be available as a plug-in electric car by 2011.

The Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid is a car everyone is talking about. Ford has confirmed that the hybrid will be available as a plug-in vehicle by 2012. This car will be running on pure electricity.

In addition, Ford has named Nancy Gioia as director of Ford Global Electrification. Gioia will direct planning for Ford’s global electric vehicle portfolio and will be responsible for partnerships with the energy industry. Prior to the announcement, Gioia was Ford’s director of Sustainable Mobility Technology and Hybrid Vehicle Programs.

It does seem like a very aggressive plan to bring a new plug-in electric vehicles to market sooner than we thought. Ford has been testing battery electric cars this year. Some of the tests are still being conducted in Europe.

Ford has 15 prototypes of the Ford Focus currently in testing. The BEV (battery electric vehicle) is also part of a new charging infrastructure in Britain. The infrastructure will be available to the public in 2010.

The Focus BEV prototype is based on the gasoline version of the Ford Focus. It comes equipped with a new all-electric powertrain. The technology is based on Ford’s C-sized global vehicle architecture.

The new plug-in electric vehicles will be affordable and will include the lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are lighter in weight and have a larger storage capacity. The car will be manufactured at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant.

We are very anxious to get our hands on one of these electric vehicles for a road test. Future automobiles are going electric, and that is a major accomplishment for the Ford Motor Company. It is the only domestic automaker that’s coming out with a fleet of new battery electric vehicles.

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