GM Plug-In Electric SUV

General Motors Plug-in Electric SUV Coming

General Motors has confirmed that it will launch a new GM plug-in electric SUV next year. The sport-utility electric vehicle will be part of the 2011 SUV lineup that will include new hybrid cars and plug-in vehicles. There was no word on what mileage the new vehicle will achieve.

“I can tell you that I won’t lose one day in terms of customers being able to walk into dealerships and actually purchase a plug-in,” GM Vice Chairman Tom Stephens said in a statement.

Electric cars and SUVs are growing in higher demand since gas prices are up on the rise again. Although we haven’t seen the type of $5 per gallon at the pump yet, financial analysts predict another price increase for oil. Consumers are seeking alternative gasoline automobiles and trucks to save money.

General Motors Skips Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars that use a combination of battery power and a gasoline engine are already on the road today. Automakers including Toyota, Honda, and Ford have already launched their 2010 hybrid vehicles. GM wants to bypass the current technology and is set to deliver electric cars and SUV that can recharge from any standard outlet.

Chevy Volt Electric Car

GM is betting on its Chevy Volt electric car that uses a new propulsion system. The Volt will include ultra capacitors to power a fleet of extended-range electric vehicles, plug-in cars, hybrid and fuel cell automobiles. The automaker hopes that the electric vehicle will achieve a 40-mile driving range on a single battery charge.

However, the Chevy Volt electric car might be described as a full hybrid car since it will include a small gasoline engine for extended driving. In addition, the engine will help recharge the electric batteries as normal hybrids do. The other factor to compete in the new growing market is the price.

GM is expected to price the Chevy Volt at around $39,000, which is more than what the price for hybrid cars is today. The price of new lithium-ion battery packs is one of the reasons why the pricing is so high. As demand increases for the new batteries, prices are expected to drop, but there are no details how that will reflect the final price tag on the Volt.

The GM plug-in rechargeable SUV was supposed to be the Saturn Vue. Saturn was scrapped by GM as a part of its reorganization. However, the electric SUV will come from either Chevy, Cadillac, Buick or GMC.

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