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Articles – Honda Moves Fit Hybrid Schedule Closer To 2010

The 2010 Honda Fit Hybrid is expected to launch next year with better mileage than its conventional counterpart. Some reports indicate that the Honda Hybrid will achieve 60 to 80 mpg, although this is just speculation. However, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the car breaks 50 mpg.

Honda has pushed up the schedule on the Fit Hybrid by a year and half – coming out in the Fall of 2010 instead of the Spring of 2012. With a target price of $15,800, this should truly be the “hybrid for everyone” as advertised. Japanese automakers including Honda and Toyota are widely recognized as the world’s leading exporters of hybrid cars.

2010 Honda Fit MPG Offers Better Hybrid Mileage

The Fit is expected to provide far better mileage than all other cars on the market. Additionally, various technologies, including a function to assist more fuel efficient driving, are being installed to achieve a further improvement of practical fuel efficiency. With its affordable price, the new vehicle will represent the best value in its segment.

Performance has been stressed with the 2010 Fit, and it is expected to achieve 0 to 60 mph in just 6.9 seconds. The Honda car also meets the more stringent 2016 fuel economy standards.

Sport Models With 16-inch Wheels

Honda expects annual sales to be over 50,000 units. The Fit Sport models will also continue to be differentiated by such adding standard features as steering-wheel-mounted audio controls, cruise control, and remote keyless entry. They also have a sport suspension and 16-inch wheels.

The automaker is also reaming up with Japanese firm GS Yuasa to develop new lithium-ion batteries for future Honda hybrids. However, it’s not certain if the Fit will use these batteries instead of the current nickel-hydride batteries. Most car manufacturers are moving towards the lithium-ion technology for lighter weight and the ability to store more power.

New Facelift With Front Fascia

The new fuel-efficient version of the Fit will increase its power by 9 horsepower. Torque will increase as much as 21 lbs-ft. The car will come standard with larger 15 inch wheels while the Sport model will offer 16 inch alloys. The car is expected to get a facelift with a new front fascia and bumpers, new rear bumper, new side skirts, a side mirror mounted indicators/turn signals, rear LED brake light, rear LED third brake lights, body colored housing headlamps and minor interior changes.

Extended Fuel Economy Battles Higher Gas Prices

This vehicle has several things going for it including a lower price and extended fuel economy. Consumers are looking for smaller compact automobiles ever since gas prices soared in 2008. There will be more information about the Honda Fit Hybrid in the coming months, but we could see a sneak peak as soon as early December 2009.

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