Honda Hybrid Cars Go Electric

Articles – Honda To Convert Gas Vehicles To Hybrid Electric Cars

Honda is meeting increasing consumer demands as the automaker plans to produce more hybrid cars. Some of these plans include converting its Honda Fit and other models to new electric cars. Moreover, some of these car models are greener and will help the environment.

Honda Hybrid Cars are popular and one of the fastest selling hybrid cars in Japan is the Honda Insight. It was the top selling hybrid vehicle until the Toyota Prius was released. However, Honda wants to expand its current line-up by adopting new green technologies and convert some of its conventional gasoline vehicles to electric cars.

The new Honda automobiles that will soon make this conversion to hybrid technologies will come in various sizes and shapes. The plan is to convert as many cars before the end of 2010. For example, the Honda Fit Hybrid was scheduled for a 2011 release, but the automaker moved the schedule up to late 2010.

Honda also plans to release its Civic model to offer both hybrid and fuel cell versions. The Honda Civic fuel cell version will run on natural gas to produce lower carbon emissions. The Civic has a long track record for proven reliability, and it could become the next big seller in the auto industry.

The line-up for 2010 Hybrid Cars will be interesting and fast coming. Consumers are looking for new electric vehicles and cars to save on fuel as gas prices begin to climb once again. Electric cars also reduce carbon emissions, which are one of the causes for climate change and global warming.

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