New Hybrid Cars Industry

New Hybrid Cars Meet Growing Fuel Economy Demands

The auto industry might recover faster than most analysts believe due to the growing demand for the latest fuel efficient cars. Hybrid automakers are building vehicles equipped with components that actually pass gas savings down to the consumer. There is a growing movement around the globe for these fuel efficient cars that is potentially saving automakers from a total collapse.

New Hybrid Cars

There is also a trend of auto startup companies on the rise vowing to develop electric cars with a lower price tag. Recently, there is a company in China that purchased a factory in Detroit. The company plans to build the parts globally but will assemble the automobiles here in America.

Ford is doing very well with its latest system and Toyota appears to be introducing revolutionary solar technologies. For example, the Toyota Prius has a roof mounted solar panel that captures energy from the sun and distributes it to a cooling system. When cabin temperatures reach above 86 degrees, a solar powered fan will cool the cabin to reduce the temperature.

Solar Powered Cooling System

This solar powered fan only uses energy stored by the sun. It is a remarkable invention that could soon power other accessories including door locks, radio and CD player, and windshield wipers. The cooling system uses no power from the engine or the electric motor.

The competition is also heating up for automakers that enter the hybrid industry. Some consumers who used to buy a specific brand as loyal customers are making a switch. The market is changing and finding ways to entice buyers for fuel efficient cars is very challenging.

“I used to buy Ford because that’s all I drove,” said Brian Taylor while shopping at a local Honda dealer. “If I can get $3,500 for my old truck through the Cash For Clunkers program, it will be the best time for me to buy a new hybrid car.” Taylor said that the Cash For Clunkers program is a better deal for his trade in.

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

The fuel efficient cars were once a laughable technology until gas prices hit record highs in 2008. Since then, consumers are looking for alternative ways to save gas by purchasing vehicles that are economical. Some consumers are also giving up their conventional automobiles to help the environment.

There are hybrid benefits for the environment by driving the vehicles, but there is much debate over the issue. Some critics claim the cars are not helping the environment because the batteries are not 100 percent recyclable. However, they will reduce carbon emissions, and that’s a strategy that most metropolitan cities want to achieve.

Future Automobiles

The year 2010 is about to produce some of the best new hybrid vehicles we’ve ever seen. Automakers including General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and Honda are developing green technologies that offer better mileage while helping the environment. Transportation is the number one reason for air pollution and the latest cars can help clean it.

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