Obama Takes On Fox News Organization

Obama Takes On Fox News Organization

Obama White House Goes To War Against Fox News Commentators

I have lost a lot of respect for President Barack Obama, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and Robert Gibbs. Their continued efforts to strike war on Fox News is echoing the same abuse of power as former President Richard Nixon conducted in 1972. Why do they care so much on what Fox News has to say? The people who I once thought had the most confidence are now appearing weak.

The job of the presidency comes with heavy criticism and uncomfortable questions. That’s the job. I am greatly disappointed after watching this war from the White House against the news organization. I am also truly convinced that President Obama and his administration cannot handle their jobs.

This playground fight started when a White House communications official, Anita Dunn, declared Fox as an arm of the Republican party last week. This led to more outbursts by the administration alleging that the network is not a legitimate news organization. They feel that it has only one perspective.

After watching this outburst, I just thought that Anita Dunn had a personal conflict with the cable channel. In fact, probably like most Americans, I let it go. I mean, people are free to express their opinion.

However, more stones were thrown over the weekend by other people in this administration. People who I thought were better than this playground also attacked Fox News. Rahm Emanuel appeared on CNN last Sunday.

“It’s not a news organization so much as it has a perspective,” Emanuel said. “More importantly, is not to have the CNNs and others in the world basically be led and following FOX, as if that, what they’re trying to do is a legitimate news organization.”

This seemed so out of character for Rahm Emanuel. However, on the same day, another top Obama advisor threw another stone. David Axelrod appeared on ABC and also attacked Fox News.

“It’s pushing a point a view and the bigger thing is that other news organizations like yours ought not to treat them that way,” Axelrod said.

White House press secretary Roberts Gibbs also took a stab at Fox News. Gibbs said that some of the coverage by the news channel didn’t depict fairness. He also singled out Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

Obama did speak to NBC on Monday and said he doesn’t “lose sleep over it” when it comes to Fox News. Why do I find this laughable? His actions along with his top advisors, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, indicate that Fox is a thorn for this administration.

Fox News has been rejected for interviews from the White House. Early in his administration, Obama hinted that he had a problem with Fox News, although he did it quietly by naming it as a “certain” kind of network. This started after the cable network asked questions about the number of Czars that Obama appointed. During his campaign, Obama asked the American voter to judge him by the people who surround him. Does this not count anymore? Do you mean to tell me that a news organization is no longer allowed to field questions? It sounds like the American public was duped.

Glenn Beck has also been under fire for his show. My neighbor claims that Glenn Beck distorts the truth and is responsible for stirring up lies about the president. Glenn Beck has shown the facts that can’t be argued. For example, the Van Jones exposure and ACORN. You can’t argue with the facts he presented. Also, Glenn Beck is neither an arm for the republicans nor democrats.

Sean Hannity, from the same cable news channel, is another target by the White House. Similar to Glenn Beck, he tries to expose the truth about issues in congress and the White House. The difference between Hannity and Beck, is that Hannity does it from a republican conservative view. Does this mean we’re not allowed to have views anymore?

The Obama administration is behaving like children. They are embarrassing this country and people are growing angry. The rest of the world is laughing because the president of the free people is trying to squeeze freedom of the press. Now you know why other networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN are defending Fox. They too, could be a target, or punished by not getting interviews with the White House.

The White House has told Fox News repeatedly that they won’t get any interviews. In the meantime, they provided other network interviews, as if to say “Ha, ha, you-didn’t-get-an-interview.” These are the same people running our country? None of them can handle it. This is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, there are real people in this country who are worried about their jobs and homes. Unemployment is reaching double digits and people are questioning this administration. The economic stimulus bill did not create those jobs. Moreover, people who are jobless, or about to lose their employment, are scared to death right now. I can only imagine the anger that’s building up when they see this nonsense instead of addressing the real issues.

The viewers of Fox News are democrats and republicans. The Obama administration alleged that the cable channel was an arm for the republican party. What other facts will this administration distort?

I remember how president George W. Bush responded to critics and commentators. He stated that he was pleased how people were exercising their freedom of speech. I am no Bush fan, but I gotta say, the statement said it all. It neither confirmed nor denied what his opinion was, or if a certain news network was getting under his skin.

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