Artificial Cat-Level Brain

Artificial cat-level brain is currently under development by scientists and the Pentagon. It will be used to mimic a human by using special computers that can learn. It is the first step of creating a true artificial intelligence for future machines.

Cats are intelligent animals and scientists are building a machine to think like one. This means that artificial computers will learn new things and will achieve unpredictable behavior patterns. Felines have a mind of their own because whenever you want them to do something, they often do the exact opposite.

Most cats also have an internal clock that can detect the time of the day. For example, most cats are awake before sunrise and often wake their owners for feeding. Cats also have an idea on when their owner will return home from work by waiting at the door or near a window.

These creatures are constantly learning their surroundings. If an indoor cat goes outside, it will stand still to learn and study the new environment. You’ll probably notice that when a cat enters a new home, it will inspect and learn every doorway, wall, exit, and hiding spot.

Smart Felines

The future artificial cat will have a superior attitude and will include constant decision making. Cats crave attention when they want to and will sometime decide to answer an invite for petting. There is also the possibility that the new machine will be affectionate and gentle.


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