Kara Gilmour

Kara Gilmour is a staff writer for NewsOXY. Below is a list of news articles written by this author and journalist.

Joe's Crab Shack Apology Joe’s Crab Shack Apology After Customers Find Picture In Restaurant Of Black Man Being Lynched

Joe’s Crab Shack’s apology comes after it was found that a picture of a black man being lynched was used as a table decoration. The Minnesota restaurant showed a group of white men watching a black man being hung as […]

Gum Disease Alzheimer's Gum Disease-Alzheimer’s Link Revealed In Patients With High Levels Of Antibodies To Periodontal Bacteria

Gum disease and Alzheimer’s may be linked after a study, jointly led by the University of Southampton and King’s College London, cognitively assessed several participants by taking blood samples to measure inflammatory markers in their blood, according to Daily Mail. […]

Sonos Layoffs Sonos Layoffs Announced As Strategy To Compete With Streaming Services

Sonos layoffs have been announced as part of a reshaping strategy for the company in a new direction. Sonos CEO John Macfarlane doesn’t say exactly how many jobs are going to be cut, but he says its’s a consequence of […]

50 Cent 50 Cent Answers To Judge On Stacks Of Cash In Recent Photos

50 Cent explained the stacks of cash he has posted on social media to a Connecticut bankruptcy judge as fake bills. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, had to convince the judge that the piles of cash spelling […]

Bird Calls Syntax Bird Calls Syntax: Some Birds Arrange Words Like Humans Do With Meaning In Verbal Languages

A Bird calls syntax, the set of rules for arranging words and phrases to impact meaning, and it’s a lot like the human language, according to The Christian Science Monitor. Sometimes people use syntax to impart complex combinations of ideas. […]

Batmobile Copyright Batmobile Copyright Legal Case Is Victory For DC After Long Crusade Against Ripoffs

A Batmobile copyright battle becomes a victory for DC Comics after its crusade against duplicates. The comic book publisher’s copyright battle with a Temecula mechanic over knockoffs of Batman’s prized vehicle won’t go before the Supreme Court, according to The […]

Aid For Flint Aid For Flint, Michigan, Blocked By Utah Senator Citing ‘It Wasn’t Needed’ To Fix Pipes

Aid for Flint, Michigan has been blocked after Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said it wasn’t needed. The aid would go towards fixing lead-contaminated pipes that has resulted in an ongoing public health crisis , according to Wingate Wire. Lee said […]

Man Hiding In Gas Man Hiding In Gas Tank: Brazilian Man Hidden In Vehicle Tried To Cross Border

A man hiding in a gas tank was arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle a Brazilian man into the U.S. from Mexico by placing him inside the SUV while crossing the border, according to ABC News. The 40-year-old was […]

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid: Researchers Begin Expedition That Hit 66 Millions Years Ago

The dinosaur-killing asteroid that caused a huge crater on Earth 66 million years ago is about to go through a drilling expedition. Scientists are putting the final touches to plans for an expedition to the Chicxulub crater in Mexico at […]

Erin Andrews Trial Erin Andrews Trial Reveals Ugliness In Marriott Hotel Room Video Footage By Stalker

The Erin Andrews trial in a courtroom in Nashville, Tennessee, has become a maelstrom of ugliness and embarrassment. At the heart of the trial is a nude tape of the journalist and sportscaster, filmed by a stalker without her knowledge […]