Patrick Prescott

Patrick Prescott is a staff writer for NewsOXY. Below is a list of news articles written by this author and journalist.

Pregnancy Test Detects Man’s Testicular Cancer

What started out to be a joke turned serious after an in-home pregnancy test detects a man’s testicular cancer. A story posted on by an unidentified user, started out to be humorous telling of what happened when their male [...]

Jennifer Lawrence Tells Elle She Is Considered Obese In Hollywood

In a recent interview for the December issue of Elle magazine actress and “Hunger Games” star, Jennifer Lawrence says that in Hollywood she is considered obese. Lawrence says despite the Hollywood pressure to be super thin, she will not sacrifice [...]

Lark Voorhies Addresses Mental Illness Accusation

Former “Saved By The Bell” star Lark Voorhies addresses the mental illness accusations her mother made last month, saying its “fictional.” Before her mothers claim, Voorhies had seemed to be displaying odd behavior in some interviews earlier in the year [...]

Biden To Make Cameo On Parks Recreation

The very recently re-elected vice president Joe Biden is going to make a cameo appearance on admittedly one of his own favorite sitcoms, NBC’s “Parks And Recreation.” On the November 15th airing of the show Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope [...]

Jared Loughner Confronted By Victims At Sentencing

Tucson gunmen Jared Loughner was confronted by his victims, including former congresswoman Gabby Giffords who he was attempting to assassinate, at his Thursday sentencing. In early 2011 Loughner killed six people and injured 14, including Giffords who was shot in [...]

John Calipari Team Raises $1 Million For Sandy Victims

On Friday night, Kentucky Wildcats basketball head coach John Calipari and his team will be presenting a check for nearly $1 million to those affected by Superstorm Sandy victims, from money they raised in two telethons. Calipari and the third-ranked [...]

Allen West Challenges Election Results By Demanding Recount

Florida Republican Allen West was seeking a second term in Congress in Tuesday’s election and is now demanding a recount after results show he had trailed his opponent by less than 3,000 votes. With West refusing to concede, the race [...]

Longoria Moved To Tears While Watching President Obama Re-Election

Actress and Obama campaign co-chair person, Eva Longoria, says she was “moved to tears” after the president won re-election on Tuesday night. In 2012, she was one of seven Californians named to the post of co-chair of Barack Obama’s re-election [...]

Kirstie Alley Tells All About Romance With Patrick Swayze

Kirstie Alley has decided to tell all about a secret romantic relationship with the late actor Patrick Swayze while the two were married to other people. The “Dancing with the Stars” contestant tells all in her new book, “The Art [...]

McDonalds Upside-Down Flag, Half Mast After Presidential Election

After grabbing national headlines for flying an upside down American flag at half mast a day after the election, a manager at the West Virginia McDonald’s is claiming it was an ironic accident. Though the true meaning of a flag [...]