2013 Dodge Dart Is ‘Revolutionary Future’ Vehicle


2013 Dodge Dart - A new 2013 car that’s been dubbed as a revolutionary future vehicle has been unveiled by Dodge at the North American International Auto Show as the “Dart” in Detroit.

The head of the company, Reid Bigland said at the show the new automobile, “will shatter perceptions of what a compact car should be.” He explained that it will bring forth the best European engineering and Dodge dynamics. It also promises better fuel economy, but specific details weren’t available.

By the end of production in 1976 the dart was considered a compact vehicle after originally being produced as a full-size option in 1960. The new version will be considered a four door compact sedan.

The base price for a 2013 will be set at $15,995 which is lower then its direct competition, the Ford Focus, Chevy Cruze and Elantra from Hyundai.

Bigland also revealed a 40mpg rating on the highway be certified by the government, at least with the economy level vehicle. It will be the most advanced fuel efficient car the company has produced to date.

The Dart will replace the Dodge Caliber as an entry level car and boast two different engine options. You can pick between either a 4 cylinder, turbocharged 1.4 liter or a non-turbo 2.0- and 2.4-liter engine.

With help from Chrystler’s partner, Fiat, the Dart has been redesigned to have a more sporty look.

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