Best Time Of Year To Buy A Car (Automotive)


Best Time Of Year To Buy A Car - Did you know that there is a time that’s best to buy a model-year car? The most famous are those at the end of a calendar year or month. But stay away from those free balloons and hotdog sales because they could be a waste of time.

Times have changed and as long as the auto industry is crawling back to recovery, the ball is still in your court for the dealing.

If you’re thinking about buying a new car this year, then we have some information that might help you, and get you the vehicle you want.

We visited a Toyota dealership in Vero Beach, Florida, to test our theory. We already bought one vehicle from them in the past, so we figured it was a good time to head back to the lot before the end of the year. For the most part, our theory worked.

Out on the lot, we picked out a 2011 SUV, which just happens to be a great end-of-year model. This is the first part on making a deal. It’s late 2011 and they have a brand new 2011 SUV sitting out on the lot.

My goal was to get walk in with no money down and leave with a good interest rate and some money off the sticker price.

As we sat down to talk about the car, I knew there was one thing on the salesperson’s mind — ‘How much down payment?’ It didn’t take long before the question was asked. I told him my goal and that it’s not negotiable.

Remaining firm on my decision, I then had to talk to his sales manager, who tried to get me to put money down. At one point he told me that he can’t do zero down on this type of vehicle. I shook my head, and believe me, under normal circumstances I buckle and agree to put money down.

I drove off the lot in a brand new vehicle with only 5 miles on the odometer, no money down, very low interest rate, and about $2,000 off the sticker price.

The best time of year to buy a car is from November 15 until December 31. It’s a time to boost sales and the dealer has more flexibility when negotiating.

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