Common Driving Mistakes

08/01/2021 09:13 AM ET

Common Driving Mistakes - Most people who make mistakes on the road forget that driving is a privilege. These are people who have passed the common tests to get a license in their state. However, we all soon forget what the test said the rules of sharing the road with others.

1. Not Driving for the Conditions - This basically means that the drivers are not paying attention to the road conditions while they are driving. If it is snowing or raining, they do not slow down so they can give themselves more time to stop. This alone creates more accidents than many other common driving mistakes.

2. Forgetting to Yield the Right Away - There is a distinct right of way that is given drivers in certain situations. This right of way is often forgotten when people are trying to get some place quickly. Make sure you know the exact right of way for your state in order to be a polite and courteous driver to those who are on the road with you.

3. Using Mobile Phones While Driving - There are many times when a call or text comes in and a person grabs their phone and answers either one. Many states have enacted laws that are designed to keep people off of their cell phones while they are driving. This can create a huge distraction for drivers.

4. Improper Seat Adjustments - Everyone has seen the driver that is practically lying in their seat because the position is so far back. They are stretching to reach the steering wheel and can barely see over the dashboard. This is a huge mistake as it does not allow the driver enough time to avoid an accident and they cannot see the road in front of them.

5. Not Using Turn Signals When Changing Lanes - This is the worst of them. Always use your indicator to show the drivers ahead and behind you that you intend to change lanes. This can avoid a collision if another vehicle is intending the same lane change and who is speeding up to get by a slow driver.

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