Driving Tips To Save Gas

Published: July 12, 2021

Driving Tips To Save Gas - There have been numerous tips on how to save gas by using some driving techniques to achieve better fuel efficiency. Fuel prices have soared 33% this year. A lot of these techniques are used in hybrid cars.

First, stop the reckless. This means no hitting the pedal to the floor after you’ve come to a complete stop. Reports show that hitting the accelerator lightly after stopping at a red light or stop sign can save you 31% fuel. Doing the math, thats like choosing whether you would like to spend $4.00 a gallon or $2.69 a gallon. This can be done by simply slowing up your acceleration speed.

Another tip is to drive slower. Edmunds.com did some test to find out if this actually works. Their reports show that by going slower, you can conserve an average of 12% of your fuel. The test consisted of traveling 50 miles on cruise control once at 65 mph and the other at 75 mph.

While this is still a heavy subject of discussion, using cruise control can conserve fuel. Edmunds reports that they got an average savings of 7%, which is about 25 cents per gallon. Although if you live in a mountainous region reports show that cruise control is not a solution for you.

Other factors that could cause a change in fuel efficiency are under-inflated or over-inflated tires and air filters. Tires can cause the car to steer and drive differently. As well as the air filter, which is very easy to change. The air filter when cleaned or changed can increase air flow to the engine and provide better fuel economy.

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