​Hypermiling And Saving Gas Habits​​

By: | 03/26/2013 09:39 AM ET

Hypermiling And Saving Gas - Some people have learned what hypermiling is and are saving gas. It’s basically a technique that’s used to improve your driving habits. These habits will actually control your fuel consumption, but some people believe it’s all nonsense.

Hypermiling And Saving Gas

Some of the techniques used by hypermilers may seem extreme, but really it’s all about making better use of a device we already have — that would be your right foot. Back off the accelerator and you can save big on gas.

“When I started hypermiling, it seemed like such an obviously good trade-off,” said hypermiler Chris Cannon.

He has been using hypermiling techniques for about five years. He regularly checks tire pressure, puts his car in neutral when he backs out of his driveway, and drives at or slightly below the speed limit when he is on the freeway.

“Really, instead of focusing on trip time, it’s a little different mindset — more focus on minimizing waste,” Cannon said.

Cannon figures it adds only one minute to his 15 minute commute but saves him 20 percent to 30 percent on gas.

Here are the basics for hypermiling: Accelerate more slowly away from green lights and stop more gradually for red lights, and lift your foot off the accelerator as soon as possible when approaching a stop.

Cannon puts safety first and follows the law, but there are some creative techniques that aren’t exactly legal. Drafting behind a semitruck, turning off your engine while coasting, and over-inflating your tires are all very dangerous

We decided to try some of the legal methods. Cruising down the freeway at 65 miles per hour, it was obvious the cars whizzing past us haven’t caught the vision. We caught some glares, but our MPG rate was definitely up.