Lamborghini SUV Unveiled As New Urus At Auto Show

04/22/2012 08:51 AM ET

Automaker Lamborghini unveiled the new Urus concept in China and dubbed it a next-generation SUV, even though it’s named after a dead cow. The whole idea is for the auto company to use the Urus SUV as a third model in Lamborghini’s lineup. The vehicle was unveiled at the Beijing International auto show.

Lamborghini SUV

The Urus is far different approach by the automaker, which is only known for building muscle cars with great quality. The concept is only about 5.5 feet high, making it more like a raised sedan. The appearance is not based on any other existing Lamborghini.

The SUV has a front engine design that can output a 600 horsepower engine configuration.

The company also specifiers a dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel-drive for the Urus, both technologies already existing in Lamborghini’s model line-up. The ride height is also adjustable, but the concept appears to get most of its ground clearance from the 24-inch wheels.

The Urus is the automaker’s answer to lower carbon dioxide emissions and offers a lightweight construction for better fuel efficiency.

The Lamborghini vehicle uses a new material called Forged Composite helps keep the weight down.

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