Nissan 250K Recall – Vehicles Pose Fire Hazard

Nissan 250K Recall

Nissan recall affects 250,000 vehicles worldwide due to a possible fire hazard on certain models in the United States and overseas.

This extensive Nissan recall is due to certain faulty fuel sensors on selected models, which could lead to fires with models in the US and overseas, though there were no vehicles in Australia affected.

Reportedly, the affected vehicles will include some Juke crossovers produced in Britain, subcompact Tiida’s made in China, and Serena minivans and Infiniti M and QX models produced in Japan between August 2009 and January 2012. Even though the Micra, Patrol and Tiida are sold in Australia, Nissan Australia reported that none of the vehicles sold there were affected by this recall.

Nissan discovered that the fuel pressure sensor on some of these automobiles may not be tightened adequately, which could possibly result in problems for direct injection engines. If the sensors were to leak, it may spill fuel inside the vehicles, which could conceivably lead to flames in severe cases.

However, according to the manufacturer, this recall is purely a precautionary measure. There have not been any incidents or injuries reported in conjunction with any of these recalled models.

Of the 249,522 cars recalled, 92,679 of them are models made in Japan as a majority of their factories are located there.

It has not been reported how much money the recall will cost the automobile manufacture.

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