Top 15 Best Gay Anime Of All Time – Must Watch!

Top 15 Best Gay Anime Of All Time - Must Watch!

Anime has come a long way in the past few decades, from its humble beginnings as a niche entertainment form to being one of the world’s most popular genres of media. This is especially true regarding its treatment of LGBTQ+ identity and representation. While some excellent series treat these themes respectfully, there are still a lot of anime out there lacking in this area.

That’s why our team of anime experts have decided to create this list of the best gay anime of all time: to celebrate those series that take their LGBTQ+ characters seriously and accurately portray their stories with respect and compassion.

Join us on a journey through an array of diverse identities spanning all kinds of genres, tones, styles – and eras. Let us explore together what it means to be authentically represented in media. So, let’s get our list of the best gay anime started!

Top 15 Best Gay Anime Of All Time – Top Picks

We have created this list of the best gay anime using the latest and current trends that are going around and also by finding out what series is the most popular among anime fans. We hope you enjoy reading!

15) Given

Gay Anime Given

For anime fans looking for a truly captivating gay anime story, look no further than Given. This masterpiece follows Mafuyu Sato’s journey of self-discovery as he learns to embrace his identity and come out in an accepting society with the help of Ritsuka Uenoyama. Alongside this, emotionally charged narratives are stunning visuals that keep you glued to your seat.

Not only does it explore complex topics like friendship, love, and acceptance, but it also dives deep into themes such as music which adds depth and texture to each scene. If you’re searching for something unique yet relatable, don’t miss out on Given – guaranteed not to disappoint!

14) No. 6

Gay Anime No. 6

No. 6 is a thrilling gay anime series set in a dystopian world. Its thoughtful story follows Shion, a young prodigy living in the luxurious City. His sheltered life is turned upside down when he meets Nezumi, a mysterious outcast with secrets of his own. Together they embark on an adventure that uncovers dark truths about the city and its oppressive systems.

As their bond deepens, it becomes clear that their friendship transcends categories of class and privilege – even gender and sexuality. With its intense action sequences and intricate plotlines, No. 6 will keep you captivated until the end.

But the real power lies in its honest depictions of LGBTQ+ experiences and identities in an otherwise bleak world – making it one of the best examples of queer representation in anime.

13) Strawberry Panic

Gay Anime Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic is an incredible yuri anime that showcases the highs and lows of friendship, love, rivalry – you name it! Set in Astrea Hill Academy, our three protagonists – Nagisa Aoi, Shizuma Hanazono, and Tamao Suzumiya – embark on a captivating journey full of heart-wrenching moments.

With its honest representation of LGBTQ+ relationships and vivid animation bringing each frame to life, this series has taken viewers around the world by storm with its intimate portrayal of these characters’ roller coaster ride through adolescence.

12) Boku no Pico

Gay Anime Boku no Pico

Get ready for a revolutionary experience! Boku no Pico is a boundary-breaking animated series that has been lighting up the queer anime scene. Follow along with young protagonist Pico as he explores his identity and sexual awakening – all while challenging traditional notions of gender and sexuality in an honest, thought-provoking way.

With its realistic art style, mature relationships explored on screen, and progressive narrative – it’s clear to see why this show has become such an important piece within LGBTQ+ representation. Get your popcorn out because we guarantee you won’t be able to look away!

11) The Vision Of Escaflowne

Gay Anime The Vision Of Escaflowne

Dive into a world of suspense and adventure with The Vision of Escaflowne! This beloved classic has been charming fans for years, taking viewers on an epic journey through the mythical land of Gaea. Watch as Hitomi Kanzaki helps Van Fanel fulfill his destiny as King – complete with swashbuckling battles, stunning animation, and a soul-stirring soundtrack to boot.

But don’t let the action fool you: it also features one badass queer character in Merle, making this anime just that much more groundbreaking and inclusive than most other shows out there! Strap yourself in for an unforgettable ride when you tune into The Vision Of Escaflowne.

10) Mawaru Penguindrum

Gay Anime Mawaru Penguindrum

Mawaru Penguindrum is an iconic anime series that has gone down in history for its creative and thought-provoking story. Following the journey of three siblings as they seek to uncover the secrets of the mysterious “Penguindrum,” this story touches on themes like identity, family, and love.

This rich narrative is a powerful representation of queer relationships – from Shoma’s relationship with Tabuki to Yuri’s love for Ringo – making Mawaru Penguindrum an essential part of LGBTQ+ media. With its gripping plot, visually stunning animation, and strong message about embracing our identities, Mawaru Penguindrum remains a beloved classic even after all these years.

9) The Rose Of Versailles

Gay Anime The Rose Of Versailles

Step back in time with The Rose of Versailles, an anime classic set during the epic French Revolution. Meet Oscar – a fierce young woman who serves as Commander of the Royal Guard – and join her captivating coming-of-age journey through 18th-century France! This series stuns with its gorgeous animation…but it’s more than just pretty pictures.

LGBT characters grace this series alongside a thoughtful exploration into gender expression and non-binary relationships that still rings true today. Hop on board for adventure, romance – oh yeah, and some serious insight too!

8) Garden Of Words

Gay Anime Garden Of Words

For anyone looking for a romantic exploration of the human condition, Garden of Words is an absolute must-see gay anime. Following two men who come together and find solace in one another through raindrops and poetry, this anime perfectly captures both the joys and hardships accompanying love.

All while serving up stunning visuals to match its powerful themes on self-acceptance. With thoughtfully crafted dialogue throughout, Garden of Words offers LGBTQ+ viewers insight into feelings often overlooked or misunderstood by society at large – making it a true masterpiece!

7) Revolutionary Girl Utena

Gay Anime Revolutionary Girl Utena

What do you get when you combine breathtaking animation, a deep exploration of identity and destiny, plus an iconic gay anime narrative? Revolutionary Girl Utena! Following the fascinating journey of protagonist Utena Tenjou as she strives to become a prince instead of your typical princess.

This groundbreaking series has been praised for years as one of anime’s most important gay-themed masterpieces. So if you seek mind-blowing fun with themes that touch both heart and soul, look no further than Revolutionary Girl Utena!

6) Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

Gay Anime Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl

Love is love, no matter who or what you are! Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl celebrates this sentiment with a unique take on the classic ‘love triangle.’ When an alien experiment turns high school student Hazumu into a girl and unleashes confusion upon town – hilarity ensues.

Although it takes some mind-bending to wrap your head around at first, its exploration of gender and sexuality proves perfect fodder for heartfelt stories about self-acceptance that appeal to all ages. So don’t be afraid; dive in feet first …just make sure they’re firmly planted in whatever identity makes YOU feel comfortable!

5) Junjou Romantica

Gay Anime Junjou Romantica

With relationships and sexuality at its core, Junjou Romantica has something to offer everyone – no matter which way they swing! This beloved anime takes us on a romantic ride where each couple struggles with their relationship.

It’s full of sweetness, stylish visuals, and an unforgettable soundtrack that your heart won’t forget about anytime soon – so make sure you buckle up for this unique take on the classic rom-com genre with poignantly human characters we can all relate to!

4) Ouran High School Host Club

Gay Anime Ouran High School Host Club

Get ready, folks; Ouran High School Host Club is a laugh-riot of entertainment and engaging drama! Follow Haruhi’s wild journey as she enters the upper-crust atmosphere at her new school only to bump into an exclusive group of attractive guys – The Hosts.

This super hilarious anime series brings all kinds of heartwarming romance vibes plus powerful themes around gender acceptance and identity with every episode. It has something for everyone – comedy fans, romantics & supporters of LGBT representation alike – so don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind show!

3) Gintama

Gay Anime Gintama

Gintama is a show that has everything: clever writing, incredible characters, and out-there plots. Not just content with comedy and drama, though, Gintama also delves into gender roles and LGBT themes in ways you won’t find anywhere else.

Offering heart-warming stories plus plenty of laughs to boot, this anime series is an absolute must for shounen fans AND those looking for top-notch representation alike.

2) Grave Of The Fireflies

Gay Anime Grave Of The Fireflies

From WW2 Japanese siblings to poignant familial themes, Grave of the Fireflies is a multi-faceted anime that packs an emotional punch. Sure, it might make you sob uncontrollably, but don’t be fooled – this gem also contains some seriously beautiful moments! It’s one of those movies no fan should miss out on – regardless of sexuality or gender.

1) Yuri!!! On Ice

Gay anime Yuri!!! On Ice

Yuri!!! On Ice is the perfect combination of a sensational soundtrack, delightful animation, and an empowering story about self-acceptance. Follow Yuri Katsuki on his journey from amateur to superstar figure skater as he discovers himself and finds love in fellow champion Victor Nikiforov.

This heartwarming anime encourages viewers to be proud of who they are while also taking them through emotional rollercoasters that will leave you cheering for more.


With anime, there’s something for everyone! From Grave of the Fireflies to Yuri!!! On Ice, we’ve seen amazing LGBTQ+ representation that not only sets a great precedent but also gives us all stories whose characters and storylines impact viewers everywhere. It’s remarkable how far queer-inclusive

Japanese animation has come over recent years -and it seems like this trend is just gaining momentum, with more series coming out every week that provide meaningful depictions of LGBT persons & relationships.

We’d love your input in the comments section: what other anime do you think should be featured on our list? Let us know so we can continue highlighting these incredible shows!

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