BlackBerry Bold Vs BlackBerry Storm

The RIM BlackBerry Bold mobile phone is one of the sharper smartphones in designs while powerful. Some BlackBerry mobile users say the wireless device has a better display and contains more multimedia capabilities.

There were so many new smartphones launched in 2008 that some got lost in the shuffle. Particularly the BlackBerry Bold made by Research In Motion Ltd. RIM knows quality but its recent release of the BlackBerry Storm without Wi-Fi is still puzzling.

BlackBerry Bold was released over a month ago and there’s been good and bad things said about it. I’ll cut through the chase, this BlackBerry mobile phone has most things people want in a device. It has all the features of a dazzling display, keyword, and high tech mobile connectivity such as a 3G network, GPS and Wi-Fi.

The smartphone features a display of 480×320 which has stunning clarity. However, it is not a touch screen like the BlackBerry Storm.

The keyboard takes a bit getting used to. The keys have a slight angle shift giving a good springy and spongy feel. The backlighting is excellent. BlackBerry mobile devices are known for their quality look and feel and this smartphone does not disappoint.

The BlackBerry Bold connections are good. When the Bold was first released, some customers complained about its 3G reliability. It seems that most 3G networks were going through similar problems, such as the Apple iPhone, but those problems were addressed with the latest firmware.

You can use the smartphone to connect via Wi-Fi, use GPS, and you’ll notice the faster 3G speeds. The Internet Web browser for the mobile device is the best one made by RIM. You can use the trackball for light surfing.

The battery life on the unit is amazing. It was half charged when we got it and took about 7 hours for it to die. We ran several applications including 3G browsing and e-mail during that time.

The multimedia features on the BlackBerry Bold are nice. Videos start up and you immediately forget that you’re watching it on a gadget. It has rich sound and it’s easy to become lost in the Speed Racer trailer that comes with the phone.

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