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Minnesota Vikings Are In The NFL Playoffs With Brett Favre Leading The Way

Brett Favre may have just had the most efficient season of his NFL quarterback career. Favre made the Pro Bowl because he became a huge weapon in just his first season in Minnesota. In fact, the Minnesota Vikings quarterback has helped his receivers to make better plays.

Favre has made a second career of lampooning his own indecisiveness. However, the fact is, game Favre plays could be his last for reasons other than injury. He and his family went home to Mississippi last week to “recharge the batteries,” as he put it, but he also said, “I haven’t thought about what next year will be like. All I want to do is beat Dallas. I don’t want to even think about next year.”

In nine of the Vikings’ first 11 games, Favre’s passer rating was 95.3 or higher; he had 24 touchdowns and three interceptions. In the next three games, two of which the Vikings lost, Favre’s rating was under 80, and he had three touchdowns and four interceptions to encourage buzz about a flameout like last year’s with the Jets. Even so, Brett played well in the last two weeks of the season, including a four-touchdown, 316-yard performance against the Giants.

Favre doesn’t do anything special to get from one game to the next. He said he puts ice on his shoulder occasionally and does extra stretching “every once in a blue moon.” Other than that, the Vikings quarterback is keeping up just fine with teammates half his age.

Three times this year, Favre has attempted at least 46 passes in a game, including the victory on Sunday over Chicago when he completed 32 of 48 passes for 392 yards and three touchdowns. Much of that credit goes to Dr. James Andrews, who performed surgery to alleviate the pain on Favre’s injured biceps tendon this summer. The Minnesota quarterback is also playing with a torn rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder.

Minnesota Vikings Coach Brad Childress

“He goes through the same strength program everybody else goes through,” Vikings coach Brad Childress said. “I think that he is pretty well in tune with his body. He is in good enough shape to do it, and he’s got the physical movements to be able to do it, and he’s got the arm strength to be able to (throw) a bunch of them.”

Brett Favre is second in the league with a 112.1 rating with 24 touchdowns and just three interceptions for the Vikings (10-1). The Minnesota Vikings are right on the heels of the powerful New Orleans Saints for the best record in the NFC. Favre looks great, and most of all, feels great before each game.

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