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10 Things About Contractors

12/02/2021 04:31 PM ET

10 Things About Contractors - Here are 10 important things to know about contractors.

The way people constantly complain and moan about work stress, a*****e coworkers, workplace bullies, and bad bosses, you’d think there’s nothing worse on God’s green Earth than having to drag our sad butts out of bed in the morning and sit in a cubicle five days a week.

10 things more stressful to contractors than work

Relationship problems. There aren’t many things more stressful or painful than problems with your spouse or significant other, and they can drag on for years and years. Even a bad roommate or trouble with a family member or close friend can be really stressful.

Not working. If you’ve ever been fired, canned, downsized, laid off, terminated, booted, dumped, ousted — whatever you want to call it — you know that not working is way worse than working.

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Money trouble. Can’t pay the bills, bad investments, IRS is after you — I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one, especially these days.

Living with pain. Tens of millions of Americans live and work in chronic pain. It’s rarely discussed as a workplace or business topic and I don’t know why. Joint pain, back pain, sciatica, migraines, it’s a long, long list.

Trouble with your kids. I have friends with kids they can’t stand. No kidding. They’re mean, screwed up, and even worse, won’t get out of the house. What are you supposed to do? After all, they’re your kids, right? You’re supposed to love them. Not only that, you blame yourself and spouses blame each other. It’s a real mess.

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Bad neighbors. You can choose your job, what you do for a living, even where you work, but you can’t choose your coworkers or your boss. It’s the same thing with where you live. If you buy a house and get stuck with crappy neighbors who wreak havoc on your peaceful existence, you’re basically screwed.

Home construction problems. Ever build or remodel a house or have something really bad happen to your existing home? Chances are you’ve had a bad contractor and got stuck in some nightmare home construction problem at some time in your life.

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