​24 IRS Workers Theft Indictment On Fraud Charges​​

By: | 04/21/2013 11:57 AM ET

Federal prosecutors announced on Wednesday, April 17, that 24 current and former IRS workers were indicted on benefits fraud.

24 IRS Workers Theft

The U.S. attorney’s office in Memphis stated that the IRS employees were indicted on charges that they fraudulently received more than $250,000 in benefits, including unemployment insurance payments, food stamps, welfare, and housing vouchers.

According to prosecutors, 13 of the IRS employees will face federal charges of lying about being unemployed while applying for or recertifying their government benefits. If the IRS workers are found guilty, they could face prison time of up to five years.

Eleven other IRS workers are facing state charges of theft of property over $1,000.

In total, the deceiving employees stole over $250,000 in government benefits, according to Justice Department statements.

“According to the allegations in the indictment, while these IRS employees were supposed to be serving the public, they were instead brazenly stealing from law-abiding American taxpayers,” U.S. Attorney Edward L. Stanton III said in a statement.