Apple Ends Macworld Participation Without CEO Keynote

By: John Lester
Staff Writer
Published: Dec 23, 2021

Apple exits from Macworld and questions still remain about the health of CEO Steve Jobs. The company is moving away from all trade shows in general.

Apple Inc has announced it will no longer participate in its 25 year tradition at the Macworld Expo. The annual conference is known for unveiling new products such as the iPod Touch and the popular iPhone mobile device. Apple CEO Steve Jobs will not attend the final conference set in San Francisco from January 5 through 9.

"Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, will deliver the opening keynote for this year's Macworld Conference & Expo, and it will be Apple's last keynote at the show," Apple said in a statement.

Last year, investors began to worry about the health of Steve Jobs. He appeared to be very thin and critics were already starting rumors to make it sound as if his days at Apple were numbered. Ironically, some critics even said that last year's Macworld would probably be the last for Steve Jobs.

Apple rebuffed the rumors about Jobs' health, stating that the Apple CEO was doing fine. The type of illness that Jobs' has endured does cause weight reduction, but according to a statement made last year, Jobs is no longer suffering from the illness.

Why end Macworld? Well, according to Apple's reason, it makes better sense. The company is thriving more online than it is at trade shows. In fact, the Apple Retail Stores receive 3.5 million people every week.

"The increasing popularity of Apple's Retail Stores, which more than 3.5 million people visit every week, and the website enable Apple to directly reach more than a hundred million customers around the world in innovative new ways," Apple said.

Computer trade shows are expensive and has its limitations. The Internet has provided a marketing vehicle which Apple has adopted. Why reach a few thousand people when you can reach hundreds of millions without expensive trade shows?

As for whether the company is running out of new innovative ideas, such as the iPod Touch and the popular iPhone mobile device, it's hard to say. Thinking back, the iPhone was kept secret for many years before it was launched. The company only had the iPod at the time.

It's possible that Apple is already working on new gadgets. One thing for sure, Steve Jobs is one of the best marketers of our time. He simply knows what people want.