Burger King Test Bacon Sundae Idea In Tennessee


In an effort to make their menu more unhealthy, Burger King is test marketing a sundae with golden-crisp bacon at a Nashville, Tennessee restaurant. The introduction is a step in the opposite direction after unveiling several new healthier menu options across the country that included salads, fruit smoothies, and snack wraps.

A customer took a snap shot of an advertisement sign of the dessert, which looks like an ordinary sundae with a strip of cooked bacon stuck in it.

There has been no word from Burger King on how long it will test market the sundae and how well it needs to do, before deciding to expand the option to other locations.

The unique sundae is just another odd food combination that fast food chains have recently been trying out. Taco Bell recently introduced a Dorito taco shell, with plans of testing a Cool Ranch Doritos flavored shell. At a U.K. Pizza Hut they have introduced a hot dog stuffed pizza crust.

Previously, Jack in the Box tried a bacon milkshake for a limited time, but remained quiet following its test results.

Other plans rumored to be in the works for Burger King are to introduce a pulled pork sandwich, and sweet potato fries.

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