T-Mobile girl Carly Foulkes will not be in the upcoming commercials advertising the Apple iPhone, but could still be in commercials for other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or LG Optimus G Pro.

The company announced their plans to sell the iPhone at a conference on Tuesday. According to Business Insider, the upcoming T-Mobile iPhone ads will focus on the device itself and its new pricing plans.

The mobile phone company claimed that Foulkes would still be part of “the company’s brand family” even though she wouldn’t be a part of the T-Mobile iPhone ads.Carly Foulkes started doing commercials with T-Mobile in fall of 2010. Many of the older ads she was part of would compare T-Mobile’s lineup of phones to popular phones on other carriers. In later commercials, she was often depicted as riding a motorcycle with the tagline “No more Mr. Nice Girl.” Not quite sure why it isn’t “Ms. Nice Girl” but we’re sure T-Mobile knows what they’re doing.

The T-Mobile iPhone 5 was announced today at the company’s UnCarrier event. The mobile carrier in last place was also the final carrier without access to Apple’s iPhone.

Now that the iPhone 5 is on T-Mobile and supports LTE it will be interesting to see how this will affect sales of Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Windows Mobile Phones such as the Nokia Lumia 920.

The iPhone 5 on T-Mobile will be available on April 12 for $99. If you’re wondering how T-Mobile is able to achieve such a low price tag for their phone it’s because customers will then be obligated to pay $20 per month paying off the rest of the phone. Users will pay this flat fee for 24 months.

In total, the $579 users are paying for the T-Mobile iPhone 5 results in less money than if they were to buy an unlocked version from Apple ($649). The company claims that the device is free to be unlocked once customers complete paying off the phone.

Through T-Mobile’s UnCarrier system, the company is moving away from the mobile phone contracts. In its place, users buy the phone for a cheaper rate and pay off the price of the phone incrementally. The iPhone 5 they announced, along with 4S and 4, will be available using this no-contract system.

Users are obligated to pay back the cost of the phone, though, according to T-Mobile, options to give it back for a “fair amount” are available.