Chevy Volt Oil Spill Boom For Electric Car Parts

Chevy Volt oil spill boom for electric car parts. Chevy Volt electric car is using oil spill boom material to make vehicle parts. General Motors said it will save landfills, about 100 miles of plastic.

Boom from the BP oil spill is getting a new charge from the maker of the Chevy Volt electric car and General Motors is jumping on the opportunity.

The automaker will convert about 100 miles of plastic boom material into vehicle parts. The parts deflect air around the vehicle’s radiator. However, officials say only 1 mile will be used for the GM car.

At the height of the oil spill, more than 2,550 miles of boom was used in the Gulf of Mexico to try to keep oil from reaching shore.

The Volt, a compact car, can go about 35 miles on battery power before a gasoline engine kicks in to generate electricity.

Tens of thousands of tons of boom and oily debris have made their way to landfills or incinerators. Even if the officials claim it’s only 1 mile, it is still less for the landfills. GM is the only automaker that’s recycling it into useful plastic parts.