​Chocolate Bar Resume Stands Out Against Other Job Seekers​​

By: | 02/23/2013 11:00 AM ET
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In a competitive job market, a chocolate bar resume will stand out against other job seekers.

Nick Begley, of New York, proved that getting creative can land you the job you want.

The 32-year-old created a chocolate “Resume Bar” to get the attention of potential employers; his tag line was “Credentials that will satisfy any organization’s appetite.”

“People are either going to love or hate it,” Begley told ABCNews.com today. “My focus was to find an organization that would embrace it because if they weren’t open to that kind of out-of-the-box thinking, that wouldn’t be a company that I would fit in well with anyways.”

He had 12 of the chocolate bar labels made upon graduating from the University of Central Florida, in 2009, with his MBA and was looking forward to finding a job in New York.

Begley’s unique approach to job hunting was recently brought back to life when his friend, Eli Langer, posted a photo of the unequaled resume on Reddit, it received over 3,000 comments.

When Begley was asked if his efforts were worth it he replied, “Of course, it was creative and put me ahead [with potential employers] as far as understanding that I was willing to go the extra mile.”

He is currently working for a Toronto-based e-commerce entertainment company.

“I was recruited by someone I used to work with,” he said.